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10 Natural Toothbrush Foods

Sumel Sarker


10 Natural Toothbrush Foods

08 February 2016, Nirapad News: If you visit your dentist because your mouth is burning or your gums bleed easily, you may get a prescription — not for pills, but now for broccoli and strawberries. Toothbrush foods, a trend in the US and UK, is very fast gaining popularity in India. Stars like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson who have killer smiles follow a diet that not only gives them flawless skin but also sparkling teeth.

Toothbrush foods are foods that the young people should have to keep their smile beautiful and have a healthy lifestyle. They are foods that are not only actually good for your teeth but also good for a healthy mouth. Remember your mouth is a window to your overall health. Take a look at a few of the foods that can act as ‘nature’s toothbrush’.

Strawberry: It is very effective for making teeth strong and clean. Strawberries have many properties that help bleach and cleanse the teeth. These are very useful to remove tea and coffee stains from the teeth. So, don’t forget to have a few strawberries between your meals. Strawberries have acids that actually naturally whiten your teeth.

Cauliflower: It works to whiten the teeth because it functions as an abrasive scrub. They also stimulate the production of saliva, which helps keep plaque from forming. Stains stick to plaque more easily.

Watermelon: A hefty 25 percent of the daily value for Vitamin C could be found in two cups of watermelon. An essential vitamin healthy for your teeth and gums, Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron. It also has antioxidant properties, helping to prevent cell damage by neutralising “free radicals” -molecules believed to be associated with dental aging. Studies have shown that people who eat foods high in vitamin C such as watermelon have lower rates of gum diseases. A growing body of evidence suggests that people who eat enough fruit & vegetables to meet the daily requirements for Vitamin C have healthier teeth than those who don’t eat enough of these important foods.

Oranges: Eat plenty of oranges for Vitamin C which promotes healthy teeth and gums and aids the absorption of iron. Interestingly, chewable Vitamin C can cause enamel loss from teeth.

Apples: An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but can also serve to give you long-lasting teeth. Eating apples rather than drinking juice does your teeth and gums a great favour. By doing this, you are actually stimulating cleaning and strengthening of your teeth while reducing the amount of sugar you are consuming.

Leafy vegetables: Dark green leafy vegatables are a good and rich source of beta carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. This helps you maintain a strong healthy set of teeth.

Dairy products: Yogurt, milk and hard cheeses like cheddar contain lactic acid, which may help protect teeth against decay. Researchers think proteins in yogurt may bind to teeth and prevent them from attack by harmful acids that cause cavities. Dairy is also loaded with calcium, which guards and strengthens bones that hold your teeth in place. Plus, chewing hard cheese creates saliva that helps remove food particles that stain.

Green beans: These fresh greens can help scrub your mouth clean, and stimulate the flow of saliva

Grapes: Malic acid, an enzyme found in grapes, helps to keep your teeth white.

Water: Water works to reduce staining. Sip only a little water during your meals and give a final swish (and swallow) after a meal. Avoid the misery from tooth decay by gulping down nature’s free gift that will not only ensure a hale and hearty lifestyle but also healthy long-lasting teeth.

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