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12 countries you can visit for less than Tk 50,000

Sumel Sarker

Java, Indonesia

12 countries you can visit for less than Tk 50,000

15 May 2016, Nirapad News: Travelling abroad is not as expensive as it used to be. Thanks to budget airlines and economy hotels, travelling within your limits, is now possible for as less as Tk 50,000.

For less than Tk 50,000, you can visit these twelve countries back and forth. They are:

Egypt – If you can book 5-6 months in advance, then your individual ticket price would be around Tk 37,000. The home-stays are reasonable, which can be pre-booked, or you can also stay at youth hostels, which can accommodate you for as low as Tk 400 a night.

Cambodia – Similar airfare of Tk 30,000, you can stay at local dormitories and indulge in local cuisine, which will be lesser than you expected.

Turkey – Airfare starts at Tk 40,000, after which it is relatively easy to spend the remainder of your budget.

Indonesia – Pre-booking can cost you even less than Tk 30,000, Airbnb will save you on accommodations, which cost around Tk 700 a night.

Vietnam – The cheapest pre-booking ticket will cost Tk 28,000. Food and accommodation are not expensive at all, you can eat all the Pho and Ban Mih you want.

Thailand – Tickets start as low as Tk 10,000, with hotel costs starting from Tk 600.

Lebanon – Airfare costs Tk 40,000, whereas the youth hostels charge as low as Tk 1000 a night.

Taiwan – Tickets start as low as Tk 35,000, with hotel costs starting from Tk 900.

Oman – The plane fares start from Tk 42,000 and accommodations of reasonable hotels range from Tk 2000.

Qatar – This Middle Eastern nation can be travelled with a plane ticket worth Tk 35,000. Accommodations at Doha or Dhal Al Misfir can be sought at Tk 3000 per night.

South Korea – Tickets start as low as Tk 38,000, with youth hostels starting from Tk 1500.

Jordan – Plane tickets start from Tk 40,000, after which the budget hotels can be booked at Tk 1500 a night.

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