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25 April World Malaria Day & the thoughts

Sumel Sarker


25 April World Malaria Day & the thoughts

18 April 2016, Nirapad News: Busy human beings are intensively visiting all around the world in the era of globalization. The scenario fears me that who will when become infected by a lethal disease and carry germs to the other, this is difficult to measure. The issue is more complex to a poor nation like us. We have no sufficient skill, budget and logistics to face disaster from an epidemic communicable disease. It will be extra burden to the national economy. Here is a chance of discrimination and mass death. This is also to consider that Malaria is third highest in the list of infectious diseases, which alone may be the cause of mass death.

Till now we did not face such a worst position from Malaria but chance is open; as it is a major public health problem in both of our neighboring countries – India and Myanmar. People are randomly crossing borders in conventional and unconventional ways. Our past history was not so good. In the last decade of joint Pakistan I was a child, DDT imported by Pakistani government for the first time. It was a white dust and soluble in water. Solution has become sprayed to control Anopheles Mosquitoes in all over the East Pakistan. Not only mosquitoes, all of wild pest, bird, animal and pets were seriously infected by it.

Another troublesome issue is connected herewith that child and pregnant mothers are relatively more Malarial endanger.

A child!? By him / herself, which is possible or not nobody can estimate earlier. Could someone tell about the children that we lost for malarial infection; they were not meritorious like Begum Rokeya, Nazrul, Rabindra Nath or JC Bashu?

Mother has the principal role in child development. This is universal truth. Hence, some days ago we explored ‘Rotno-gorba Maa (Bright Mothers)’. May we think about the mothers who passed away earlier from Malaria that, have they any possibilities?

The nation is infertile, who becomes fail to protect children and mothers. No doubt they have the misfortune. Huge species has become extinct from the earth and some are in bottle-neck, but the frontline party of extinction has more infertility.

Everybody has the rights to lead healthy life that recognized by all of constitutions. Sometimes it becomes lost only for lacking of awareness.

GFATM funded ‘National Malaria Control Program’ is running in 13 borderline and hilly districts of Bangladesh. BRAC and some other NGOs are working with Bangladesh government to keep services at door-steps for rapid diagnosis of disease and treatment services. Medicine absorbed net has been distributed by them to prevent Mosquito, its bite and infection.

Not only medicine, we need to rethink about `Bio-control of Mosquitoes’. Usually eggs of Anopheles Mosquitoes become damaged in standing water and dry places; so they lay eggs in cold running water of hilly fountains. Eggs remain attached with floating weeds. Though composite culture of appropriate species of fishes (Guppy Fish) and Ducks may shows unique result in Malaria control. It also may be an occupation to the local community. Need to check about work and working papers in the local Universities.

Malaria is a burden to all of us. Our active role is in early need.

Written by – Md Moinul Islam, Development Worker.

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