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Avoid Jet Lag following this 8 simple body hacks

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Jet Lag can hamper your vacation or even a business trip following a flight across time zones.

Jet Lag can hamper your vacation or even a business trip after trans-time zone travel.

03 August 2015, Nirapad News: It is very easy to get excited and get all pumped up about traveling abroad, but if you’ve ever been punished with a crippling case of jet lag, you know the struggle to reboot your body clock in unfamiliar territory is very real. It can sometimes dent that vacation you have been waiting for a while!

Fortunately, these simple body hacks can help you curb and prevent the pains of trans-time zone travel. You’ll be hopping off the plane and raring to go in no time.

1. Get a jump on your time zone adjustment
If you can swing it, start moving your routine forward or backward an hour or two, depending on where you’ll be headed. Start going to bed earlier/later and shifting your meal times. Even a little preparation can pay off big time and help you hit the ground running without any hiccups.

• If heading east: Try to go to bed one hour earlier each night for a few days.
• If heading west: Try going to bed an hour later, again for a few days before you leave.

2. Adjust your watch ahead of time
Setting your watch to the local time of your destination a day or two before will help reinforce the notion of living like you’re already there.

3. Avoid the sunny side of the plane
If possible, book yourself a seat on the side of the plane that won’t be sun-soaked during the flight so it’s easier to sleep. This site will help you figure that out. Though if that’s not possible, take advantage of the (usually) gratis eye mask or bring a pair of comfortable sunglasses to make it easier to drift off.

4. Pack your headphones: Noise-canceling headphones keep a smile and helps in dosing off amidst the wild kids and other noises. Ear plugs can help, too. Others recommend sleeping-masks but not all of us can drowse with something draped across our faces.

5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine
As tempting as it may be to down a half-dozen mini bottles of vino with an espresso chaser on your transatlantic journey, you’ll be paying for it when you land. Stick to water and you’ll step off the plane with your best foot forward.

6. Plenty of water
Plane rides can be dehydrating and this can worsen jet lag. Drink up.

7. Synch up with local time
If you arrive at your destination at 9 a.m., don’t go to bed. Get into the rhythms of the city and stick with it. If you must nap, lie down for no more than 20 minutes or so, otherwise you may have trouble sleeping at night. A friend of mine who travels to the UK all the time tells me, “No! No afternoon naps. Walk around the city, stop for coffee, go for a hike and stay up at least until 9 p.m. local time.”

8. Get some sun
According to the Sleep Foundation, daylight is “a powerful stimulant for regulating the biological clock.” Staying indoors, they add, will only worsen jet lag.

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