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Boss Fires Employee For Not Wearing a Bikini at Work, Offers Another Breast Implants

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Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill'

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill’

Nirapad News :’Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill’ owner Doug Guller came under fire on Twitter after firing Jessica for wearing a T-shirt and offering Grace a free boob job on Sunday night’s episode of ‘Undercover Boss.’
A “breastaurant” owner sparked outrage after he fired a bartender for refusing to wear a bikini on TV — and offered to pay for another worker’s implants if she worked “like a rock star.”

Doug Guller was dubbed “sexist” and “misogynistic” after appearing on the popular CBS show “Undercover Boss” on Sunday night, according to TIME.

The CEO of “Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill” — which has several locations in Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina — disguised himself so he could find out exactly what goes on at his eateries.

By dressing down in jeans and a shirt and wearing a wig, he pretended to be a new employee at one of the outlets so he could secretly analyze his staff’s skills and see how hard they worked.
Then, he dismissed one woman who wore a T-shirt instead of her bikini top because she didn’t feel comfortable being filmed.

“That’s not what we do here at Bikinis. We wear bikinis, jean shorts, and cowboy boots,” he was seen telling the staffer, a logistics expert named Jessica, who said she was forced into the job after her old company went bankrupt.

She was later seen being fired from the establishment.
He chose a different tactic with 23-year-old Grace, however, who he said impressed him with her enthusiasm.

Chiding her for constantly checking her cell phone, he then offered her a free boob job if she promised not to text at work and keep up her good work for six months.

Guller appeared to be pleased with his role on the episode.

Waitress Jessica was fired from her job after she refused to wear a bikini on TV for a disguised Guller.
Waitress Jessica was fired from her job after she refused to wear a bikini on TV for a disguised Guller.
“Thank you very much #undercoverboss. Many thanks to Chris George & the Bikinis team, ya’ll rock!

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