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Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

17 February 2015, Nirapad News:

General Horoscope
Our social conscience is awakened now that the Moon is moving through humanitarian Aquarius, and we are reminded that each of us is part of a universal family. We can detach from the intensity of personal emotions just enough to gain a wider perspective since Aquarius is an intellectual air sign. However, we won’t lose ourselves in the great expanse as the Sun aligns with non-conformist Uranus, requiring us to face our true identities.

Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)
Cooperation from your friends is a blessing in disguise now because it might also make you anxious if you believe the support comes with conditions. Nevertheless, you are able to work together to solve just about any problem — even longstanding stubborn ones. You may bring this same productive attitude to organizing social events as well. Just be sure to consider the ramifications of your actions before agreeing to something that’s not heartfelt. If you walk your talk today, others will follow.

Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)
This may not be the best time to share your feelings; in fact, it might seem as if you missed your chance to take a conversation further. However, emotions have a sneaky way of surfacing over the next couple of days. In the meantime, reflect carefully before going out on a limb and expressing what’s in your heart. Avoid getting lost in a negative space by optimistically looking to the future. Counting your blessings realigns your perspective.

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)
There are no limits as to where your innovative mind might travel today. Although intelligent people provide the social stimulation that you need now, you don’t want to be stuck with those who are overly serious. Instead, you prefer to hang out with friends and associates who can match your clever repartee and fast wit. You shine the brightest when others appreciate the mental games that you love to play so much.

Cancer Horoscope (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
Drama in a close friendship or intimate relationship may turn your world upside down today. Your emotions are unpredictable and you may not feel like you’re standing on solid ground. However, it’s possible that the game is changing right before your eyes, so it’s not a sensible time to glorify the past. Be brave and cultivate ways of authentically connecting with others. You may be happily surprised with the new landscape if you’re willing to let go of old expectations and embrace the future.

Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)
Don’t fall into the trap of believing you are on your own just because others are giving you wide berth today. Use this time to create a new vision of the future without trying to meet everyone’s expectations. Fortunately, an individualistic Sun-Uranus alignment allows you to consider unorthodox solutions if it helps you gain freedom. Remember that even if you think you’re trapped, you’re not; your true friends will support you on your current journey of self-expression. It only takes a little imagination now to rediscover your groove and move on.

Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
You are eager to try ingenious approaches to your work, a favorite hobby or a domestic chore. But first you must toss out the old rules today so you’re free to create new ways of executing a familiar task. Keeping an open mind prevents you from becoming bogged down in needless discussions of which method is better. Getting the job done now is more important than being right. Sometimes sticking to your principles stands in the way of your success. Flexibility is your friend.

Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)
Pursuing playful encounters, romantic interests and artistic endeavors are appropriate expressions of today’s cosmic energy. Whether you are interacting with children or just having childish fun, the word of the day is play. However, if you feel as if you’re under pressure now, take a short walk to get revitalizing oxygen into your lungs and fresh hope into your life. Anything is possible so keep looking up. Open your heart as wide as possible and bask in the joy of being alive.

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)
Complex issues could slow you down at home today, but only if you let them. You actually have more choices than you realize now, though it might not feel like it. Don’t worry if you aren’t thrilled with your current options; it’s just a temporary loss of perspective. Everything is about to change, so do whatever you can to bring new energy into your life. Even if you have doubts about your direction, focus on your intentions and concentrate your actions close to home where they matter the most.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)
Put your current state of restlessness to good use today by investigating uncharted territory. You have a taste for the unusual now, so get off the beaten track and discover new pleasures. You can enjoy the fruits of your activities if you consciously seek out fresh stimulation. Be thankful for the unique experiences you encounter that sweep away the cobwebs from the corners of your imagination. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)
You might resent the notion that others are free to be weird and off-the-wall while you Goats are often left behind to be the central core of reason. It’s like going through life as the designated driver, but the truth is your dependability encourages others to lean on you when times are tough. Luckily, today’s cosmic energy provides you with an opportunity to explore the edges of reality and bring back a few wild ideas of your own. The best part is that people trust your innovative thinking now because they know you don’t chase every crazy idea that comes to mind.

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
You are still in the throes of wide emotional swings now, especially if you’re not happy with some aspect of your personal story. However, someone may offer enough hope today that you start to itch for change. It’s more advantageous to choose what will happen than wait for it to choose you. If you attempt to hide inside your cocoon of old habits, something will likely come along to shake up your world. Fortunately, you can pick your adventure first if you’re willing to spread your wings and fly.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
There are tempting goodies all around you but it seems as if you’re not allowed to have them yet. It’s like standing in front of a store filled with beautiful things and no way to get inside. Naturally, this dilemma can heighten your frustration, but you have the power to turn the entire situation around now by collecting and storing the images in your mind for future reference. These longings are seed ideas that will grow over the weeks ahead when you water them with action. Think long-term goals rather than short-term gratification.

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