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Decor trends Pad it up

Sumel Sarker


Decor trends Pad it up

6 October 2015, Nirapad News: A bachelor’s life has its own perks and privileges. One can be free in his or her way without making compromises or any responsibility. When you think of a bachelor’s home, there are some striking features that come instantly to your mind. An unkempt living room, a messy bedroom and a completely unorganized kitchen. However, these are mostly movie and sitcom cliches which mould our perception of bachelor pads. It will be surprising to some to know what can be done with minimum effort when it comes to designing a perfect bachelor pad.

Nancy Satish, of Designworks, says bachelors are for two types of people, the ones who are waiting to get married and others who live in cities on a temporary basis for work or other engagements. The necessities of these bachelors will vary. The centre of any bachelor pad is the entertainment centre. Be it the television, music system, Playstation or Xbox, all the other decor elements complement these accessories, she says. The kitchen elements are minimal and utilitarian. Even the living room has furniture like bean bags, lounge chairs and La-Z-boys.

The living room is the sanctum sanctorum for a bachelor pad. They have get-togethers at their place quite often and they ensure that they have necessary pieces of furniture to have a blast. Gautam Dhiman, an advertising professional, handpicked all his living room furniture. He says, I want my friends to relax and feel free when they come over. Each and every piece of my living room furniture is directed towards my entertainment unit.Brightly coloured, no-fuss chairs are my first choice to adorn the living space instead of bulky couches. I have made a small dining space with four chairs and a small glass table and hung a bulb over it. Bean bags are a must for any bachelor pad and today you have a lot of options at hand.

Designer Harish Mehta believes that simplicity is what defines a bachelor’s home. He says, You don’t see huge pieces of furniture in a bachelor’s abode. It is all about utility and space saving. Today, one has many options in light-weight and trendy furniture. I personally suggest bachelors to opt for cane furniture for their living room. It not only provides a classic look but is also sturdy enough to survive the weekend parties. Even a well-placed mattress with lots of brightly coloured cushions can do the trick. For bachelors, it is important that they keep the maintenance part in mind before going in for any kind of decor element. He maintains that there is no definition for a bachelor’s pad design. He adds, This is the most important aspect of doing up a bachelor’s space. The ideas are unique and completely out-of-the box with no limitations of elements and designs.

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