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Five ways to de-tan your skin

Sumel Sarker

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Five ways to de-tan your skin

6 October 2015, Nirapad News: Well, having an uneven skin tan is a nightmare, especially for women who love to flaunt their sexy curves in dresses. But, by choosing the right sun protection cream you can avoid that patchy tan the next time you are out in the sun. For now, here’s a look at 5 things you can do to get rid of that ugly tan now, courtesy Dr Meghna Gupta, Dermatologist and Director, Delhi Skin Centre.

Magical Serums – Topical Vitamin C serums can be applied twice daily to lighten the already existing uneven skin tan. Even Vitamin C based masks can be applied at least twice weekly to lighten the tan. Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and helps in rejuvenating the underlying skin. Oral antioxidant supplements consumed once daily act as oral sunscreen and are a milder form of sun protection.

Effective Peeling – Once you notice different shades of tan, you will have to visit your dermatologist for sessions of chemical peeling. These are AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) peels which are derived from natural sources like glycolic acid, which in turn is derived from sugarcane extract. You may have to repeat 4-5 sessions to even up the skin and lighten the tan. These sessions can also be coupled with alternative sessions of tan lightening packs which can be customised by your dermatologist.

Worthy Mask – Oxygen infusion and Vitamin C serum infusion systems are available with leading dermatologists that may prove to be helpful in reviving the glow in the skin and finally a reduction in tan. More vigorous treatments like a deep-pigmentation mask can be applied only under the supervision of a Dermatologist. This mask causes significant peeling and gives birth to a new and evenly tone skin colour and texture.

Favourite DIY – People also follow many home-made therapies to lighten the skin tan. The famous home-made scrub made of gram flour (besan) and milk is perfect to rid the tan. It can be applied all over the body and rubbed till it dries up and peels off, this scrub has been used since ages. One can also make a scrub by mixing turmeric powder, sugar and little honey. This, when rubbed over the skin until the sugar melts, helps in abrading the superficial layer of the skin and lightening the tan.

Saviour Sunscreen – There are various sunscreen lotions available in the market, but one with minimum SPF 30 should be applied at least 30 minutes before we move out in sun and preferably repeated every 2-3 hours for effective sun protection. Sunscreen lotion forms a layer over the skin and reduces the exposure of ultraviolet rays.

In nut shell the best way to protect ourselves from an uneven skin tan is effective sun protection and visiting our dermatologist for a guided and effective regimen to make our skin tone even and glowing.

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