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House husbands – a distant reality

Sumel Sarker

House husbands

House husbands – a distant reality

02 March 2016, Nirapad News: We also spoke to the traditional couples to know their opinion on the same and below are some of the responses

Well, I won’t mind taking a backseat if I get to spend time with my kids as majority of my time is consumed in commuting to work and I find myself barely involved in their lives. But, I’m not sure how we would manage the finances as my wife earns less than me. Also, my wife does a pretty decent job in managing the house, I’m not sure if I would ever be able to do that. – Sudhir Srivastava, 35-year-old, tax consultant
In today’s time, both husband and wife need to work in order to maintain a decent standard of living and such is the case, abroad. I find the idea of house husbands or even housewives absurd.

People should learn to manage their responsibilities while not compromising with their careers. – Ragini Sharma, 26-year-old, HR professional.

We are still not accustomed with the idea of house husbands and parenting is majorly a mother’s job. Whenever I ask my husband to take care of our 2-year-old baby, he always forgets something or the other. Even my baby needs me, I cannot imagine leaving my baby in order to go to work, especially when my husband is fairly doing well in his business. – Saumya Kumar, 27-year-old, homemaker .It seems that the idea of men being the primary carer is still emasculating in Indian society.

Dr Parul Tank, Psychiatrist at Care24 opines, This social role reversal is not easy, and both men and women will have to change their mindset for this to work. At the same time, men will also have to learn to do household chores and not expect women to manage both office and home! Talking about how this can change the relationship dynamics between couples, Dr Parul elaborates, If there is already insecurity in a relationship, it worsens when the man decides to sit at home.

The dynamics are bound to change when women work and men are at home. Usually, a breadwinner’s opinion is given priority, which also means women will have more control on issues that men often find hard to adjust. It is this perception that needs to change for the concept of house husbands to function.

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