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How to Keep Him in Love with You After Marriage

Sumel Sarker

After Marriage

How to Keep Him in Love with You After Marriage

16 March 2016, Nirapad News: You’re on the verge of getting married and you’re oh so happy! He’s a nice guy, he
loves you and he wants to spend his life with you but will he remain the same after marriage too? Unless you’ve
already been married once before, almost all of us have gone through the same feelings of uncertainty! Will he
still be as caring after marriage? What can I do to make sure we care and love each other as much as we do right

Well, here are a few pointers to ensure he loves you just the same a couple of years into your marriage.

Make adjustments
Get used to the fact that no matter how well you know a person, living together opens new vistas of adjustments.
You will not have your mom to help you cook and clean and deal with housework and budgeting. Initially you will
find it a little overwhelming to deal with all of this but don’t take it out on him! Relax and get a maid till you
get the hang of things!

Cook good food
Learn to cook from your mom or a couple of well-known cookbooks. Most men think with their stomachs. After a hard day at work, they love to come home to a well-cooked meal and a clean house. Do we sound like sati savitri Indian naris? But it’s the harsh truth! Cook well and he’s more likely to appreciate you for your hard work!

Take interest in him
Take interest in his hobbies and work and make sure you have your own too. After marriage it is fine to have each
other but too much clinginess can be a turn off. As a couple you can make new friends and enjoy some time with them but familiarity breeds contempt so have your own friends and let him have his too!

Stop nagging
Women can be selfish, jealous and temperamental due to a large variety of reasons (no need to shout, we’re women
too and you know we’re right.) Don’t nag and sulk after fights. That’s enough to get him bored and reluctant to
come home. Probably might drive him into some else’s arms too! Get rid of such behavior immediately or blame it on
PMS and the monthly curse.

Experiment in bed
Sex with the same person for an entire lifetime can get pretty monotonous. So make sure to try out new things in
bed (or anywhere else that please you). Talk about his sexual fantasies and make sure to treat him by fulfilling
them every now and then. He can do the same for you too.

Run your married life on the principle that men are simple people and pleasing them should be pretty simple – food,
sex and the guise of freedom. What else can men want?

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