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How to sleep blissfully in the summer heat

Sumel Sarker

Summer Sleep 2

How to sleep blissfully in the summer heat

21 May 2015, Nirapad News: A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy and happy day, but it’s not easy to get this during summer.

While the blazing sun is unbearable during the day, the heat doesn’t seem to subside during the night. If you’re having a tough time hitting the sack this season, try these simple, yet effective techniques that will help you sleep comfortably.

Cotton drapes: Silk and satin drapes and sheets may be fashionable, but they are not summer-friendly. So, go out shopping and buy some light-colored cotton sheets and drapes. This will keep your room cool and breezy through the night.

Loose nightwear: Wear old, loose T-shirts, pants and shorts that are bound to make you comfortable while you sleep. You could also wear wrap-around skirts or lungis.

Make your own A/C: This might sound old-school, but it works nonetheless. Place a bowl filled with cold water or ice in front of your table fan. As the air from the fan passes over the water or ice cubes, it cools and circulates in the room, giving you an A/C effect.

Switch off the lights: Most people like to read or surf the net before they go to bed. But, remember that the longer any light source stays on in your room, the longer the heat will remain. Lights, even the eco-friendly variety, emit heat. So, turn them off at least an hour before you go to bed.

Cool grains: Wheat and rice grains can also keep your surroundings cool. Buy a buckwheat pillow to keep your head cool, or fill a sock with rice and freeze it for a while before you place it on your eyes or head to cool off.

Summer quenchers: It is important to constantly drink fluids to keep cool during the summer. It helps to drink a good amount of water before you hit the sack. You could also keep a bottle of water by your bedside.

Do it like the Egyptians: Egyptians are masters at keeping cool, given how hot it is there, so take a cue from them. Soak a towel or sheet in cold water and use that to cover yourself at night — just like the ancient Egyptians did.

Wake up early: It is always cooler early in the mornings, compared to late evenings. So, wake up early and exercise. This way, you won’t only enjoy the cool breeze and stay fit, but will also feel tired and sleepy earlier than usual, making it a win-win situation.

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