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Humanity in Malaysia, Lee beside illegal Bangladeshi migrant Babul

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Humanity in Malaysia, Lee beside illegal Bangladeshi migrant Babul

20 Septembar 2015, Nirapad News: When the news of human tragedies are coming from around the globe in contrast some glaring examples of victory of humanistic incidents also happens in some parts of the world.

Such an incident of upholding humanity occurred in Malaysia.

One Chinese with all his human qualities has stood beside an unfortunate Bangladeshi worker. The Chinese Lee Yong Kee (LYK), a former boss of Bangladeshi worker Babul has come forward to save him from the jaws of death.

LYK did it absolutely from his humane conscience. He is now very much popular among Bangladesh community in Malaysia.

Bangladeshi young worker Mohammad Babul hailing from village Mutiakhali of Rajapur upazilla under Jhalakathi district came to Malaysia in 2012 and managed a working visa being employed in a factory at Klang which he left for better salary and thus became an illegal migrant in second workplace at Johor Baru. In his first working place this LYK was his supervisor.

Babul met with the accident on January 4, 2014 in the factory at Johor Baru while working as cutter of iron materials. His work was to cut iron by hot mixture of oxyacetylene.

At noon there was a flash of light with a big bang when an iron beam fell down forcing Babul landed in the hot mixture of oxyacetylene. His body started burning and he was screaming for help. He fell unconscious and when he opened his eyes he found himself in a bed of Johor Baru General Hospital.

The doctors said that 40 percent of his body had been burnt. The hot mixture of oxyacetylene has caused burn injury in his left leg fully and the back side of his body unto his buttock.

Babul passed a painful three months in that hospital. Another problem cropped up then as he was an illegal migrant.

Babul was counting his days to breathe his last because he had none of his own in Malaysia. The news of this misfortune reached Klang, his first working place which he had left for better wages becoming an illegal migrant.

At Klang his appointing authority was Chinese Lee Yong Kee, a bachelor aged 42 years. LYK rushed to Johor Baru after getting the tragic news of Babul, out of his sheer humanity in aid of Babul.

Though Babul left LYK, LYK did not hesitate to help him.

The Chinese man, after Babul’s release from hospital, shouldered all his responsibilities and took him to his own apartment as Babul had no shelter in Malaysia.

Not only that, LYK also paid the arrear of hospital bill amounting to MR 2,354.

But in LYK’s apartment, Babul’s physical condition started deteriorating. His injuries had exposed critically turning to septic.

Hurriedly LYK got Babul admitted in Klang General Hospital where he received intensive treatment for two weeks. Babul became a bit improved. But still catheter was used for urination.

The burn injuries were still to be fleshed.

LYK again took Babul to his own apartment. He got Babul’s dressing every week at private medical center. He also appointed a nurse for Babul’s full-time care.

At one stage Babul’s treatment cost had gone beyond the capacity of LYK. He then contacted a Buddhist NGO Tzu Chi and sought their help for Babul’s treatment. TIMA, the medical services team of the Buddhist NGO came by the side of Babul and took him under their care.

At the initiative of one TIMA member the plight of Babul was also informed to Holy Redeemer Catholic Church at Klang.

The Church authority put their helping hand on Babul. They started helping Babul both humanistic and medical helps. The International organization working with the expatriate workers Tenaganita is now providing legal and treatment assistance to Babul.

However, no help or assistance so far could surpass the humanitarian assistance provided by LYK.

Senior volunteer program officer of Tenaganita Ashiqur Rahman told banglanews that the factory at Johor Baru where Babul got injured had no safety equipment.

Babul was the victim of such situation.

The volunteer informed the media that though initially the factory gave expenditures of Babul’s treatment but at one stage they stopped contact with Babul.

Ashiqur Rahman further said that in the factory Babul had to work 14 hours to 16 hours daily. The salary of the first month had to be kept deposited as security money.

Ashiqur Rahman added that all these are done violating the labor law and added that Tenaganita is trying to ensure the compensation for Babul.

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