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Mulder and Scully reunites, trailer for the X Files event series released (VIDEO)

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Mulder and Scully reunites, trailer for the X Files event series released

Mulder and Scully reunites, trailer for the X Files event series released

30 September 2015, Nirapad News: The X-Files fans have got their most in-depth look to date at what can be expected from the highly anticipated event series when it hits screens in January.

An extended trailer was released on Tuesday, showing former FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, reuniting to take on massive government spying programs.

Scully warns Mulder that he is biting off more than he can chew, saying: ‘I have seen this before. You’re on fire, believing you’re onto some truth – that you can save the world.’

The trailer kicks off with scenes of a post-apocalyptic world, showing nuclear bombs going off, armoured police and protests.

A mysterious voice says: ‘It will probably start on a Friday, what will seem like an attack on America, by terrorists or Russia.

‘Driven by a well-oiled, well-armed and multinational group of elites, using alien technology the government the government’s been hiding for 70 years. Like yourself, I’m a true believer. What I need is your expertise.’

We even catch a couple of quick – but very chilling – glimpses of aliens.
The extended trailer came after a short promo aired during Fox show Gotham on Monday. It was followed later by another trailer during Minority Report.

In the first, short clip, Mulder explains: ‘In 2002, our investigations ceased. My personal obsession did not.’

In a ripped-from-the-headlines plot, Mulder seems determined to get to the bottom of the massive US government surveillance programs – and of course turns to former partner Scully for help.

Mulder is seen standing with former boss Skinner in his abandoned X-Files office in the FBI building.

‘Our work is the key to everything,’ Mulder tells Skinner.
He then spots his old ‘I want to believe’ poster laying discarded on the floor, and kicks it in frustration.

However, Mulder soon turns to his former partner and old flame Scully, who is first seen waiting in hospital.

Scully looks at her phone with mixed feelings as Mulder’s number pops up, and when she answers her old partner says simply: ‘I’m here’.
Mulder is then seen standing outside in the hallway.

In addition to reuniting the former FBI partners, the trailer hints they will be taking on a new conspiracy in the form of the US government’s secret spying and surveillance programs.

Scully is seen looking around in concern outside the capital in Washington DC, while in another shot Mulder glances up in concern at a security camera watching his every move.

‘The police us, they spy on us, tell us that makes us safer,’ he tells Skinner.
‘We’ve never been in more danger.’
Skinner then urges: ‘Then do something about it Mulder.’

The trailer also includes flashbacks to what appear to be World War II-era army troops.

The original 1990s cult series often included links back to the myserious Roswell incident, as the FBI agents fought to get to the bottom of a massive government cover-up of alien activity.

In one trailer scene, the soldiers carry an injured woman before an explosion goes off.
Scully is also shown stumbling across a mysterious message, with the words ‘Don’t Give Up’ written on the windshield of a dusty car.

And it appears the partners’ familiar dynamic is still very much the same, with true believer Mulder keen to charge ahead despite the risks, and sensible Scully voicing her concerns.

‘This is my life, this is everything I believe in,’ a passionate Mulder says, prompting Scully to warn: ‘You are on dangerous ground here.’
‘I know what I’m doing,’ Mulder says, as he puts a hand on her shoulder.

There are then more flashback scenes to World War II-era soldiers, and a shot of Scully storming a dark office with her trusty flashlight and gun drawn.

Meanwhile, the words ‘The Truth Is Still Out There’ flashes on the screen.

Tantalizingly, the promo ends on a shot of a smoldering cigarette as iconic baddie Cigarette Smoking Man is heard saying dryly: ‘We have a small problem.’

The X-Files will return to Fox in a two-part event on January 24 and 25, 2016. The event series will also feature Joel McHale, Lauren Ambrose and Kumail Nanjiani.

Check out the trailer below:

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