Update April 20, 2020

Dhaka 11-59 pm, 10-June, 2021

My observations on where we are today: Ilias Kanchan

Mirajul Moin Joy

Whatever I am going to say right now are from my own thoughts and observation. The present crisis the world is facing right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, in my opinion, the world leaders whether they are leaders of state, political leaders or religious leaders are responsible for it.

Because if we look into our past we will find many instances where the Creator has destroyed various nations and tribes for murders and perversion like the people of Prophet Lut, for being greedy and cheating people in weighing goods and betraying people in business like the people of Prophet Shoaib, for being unjust, tyrannical, arrogant and claiming to be ruler of the world like the Pharaohs during Prophet Musa.

Basically the creator is the owner of the world, various nations and people may know and call him differently such as Allah, Bhagaban and God and we know the Creator has created everything and gave human beings the knowledge and intelligence to run this world following his guidance.

But, nowadays we can see leaders who run states are running the world following their own agenda and selfish reasons. Every single religion that I know of speaks of the same fundamental values but rulers nowadays enact rules and laws which goes against those values, even religious leaders don’t speak up against them and the mass people accept them easily. In a way we all have gone against the Creator and this has led us to where we are today.

Nowadays we can also see how extreme human rights violation has become, in this day and age of the internet and social media we can see how certain groups are being created to perform genocide and it is being recorded, people are murdering other people with gruesome brutality and uploading it on the internet. Videos of women being violated and even children being sexually violated is being spread openly on the internet for others to see and this is happening in almost every country, but no country or nation has stood up against it properly or taken action instead they are more interested in wars and profiteering from the misery of other countries. And this wars created more suffering and misery especially for women and children, we have seen people drown in the ocean escaping, rows of dead bodies even children washed up on the shore.

If I talk about the Muslim countries, even countries who are supposed to give leadership among Muslim countries are waging war in Yemen where people even children are dying out of starvation. These rich Muslim countries did not earn their wealth, it was given to them by the creator through natural resources. They were supposed to take care of other poor countries with their wealth instead we can see how they are wasting and consuming it on gambling, women and lavish lifestyle, making toilets out of gold, cars of gold while others around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe are dying from hunger.
The intolerance between countries, races and religions is also an extreme of the violations of human rights but no religion has ever preached on doing so but we are doing the opposite.

This coronavirus pandemic is not our end there are more disasters to come. In our religion it is said that fire will chase man, oceans will light up in fire and we have already seen that it is possible during the Australian bushfire, how the fire produced its own weather of fire tornado and acid rains and this rain sparked more fire. We know the creator will destroy this world but it is not said when, but with our acts of violating human rights, crimes and perversion we are speeding up the end. We can actually delay our imminent destruction if we can get our humanity back, follow the creator’s guidelines, fear him, leaders who run nations ensure corruption free nations, tolerance against people, races, religions and other countries be more humane. If we can rectify ourselves now then the creator might delay our end.

Now the main thing almost everyone in this world is doing during this pandemic is staying at home for social distancing or in quarantine, we should take this time to realise what we have done wrong and improve ourselves especially the world leaders should come to the realisation and plan how to protect the world, protect humanity, our environment from now on. We should use this period of lockdown and quarantine to come to a realisation then it will be beneficial for all of humanity and creator will be merciful to us. Let us all pray that the creator forgives us and gives us the knowledge to improve ourselves and spread peace around the world. Ameen

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