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Mysterious Alutila cave in Matiranga, Bangladesh


Aulitila Cave, Matiranga

Tourist inside the tunnel, Alutila , Matiranga

18 February 2015, Nirapad News: Alutila Cave, also called “Mysterious Tunnel” is a cave located in Matiranga Upazila in hill district of Khagrachari, Bangladesh.

The Cave founded inside 1000 meter high hill is called Alutila (potato hill) or Arbari Hill. The hill area is surrounded by deep green forest. This is a 100 meter long natural subway-like dark cave where cold water is flowing at the bottom. The cold Cave is so dark that only high powered torch or locally sold flambeau can help one to walk around inside the cave. If you are courageous and adventure lover, then this is a perfect spot to to quench your thirst.

tourist at alutila cave

Tourist entering inside the Cave

This mysterious cave  is a tourist attraction of Alutila Hill in Matiranga Upazila of Khagrachari district. Khagrachari is the district headquarters of Khagrachari hill district connected to Chittagong by a 92 kilometer all-weather metalled road. It is ringed by thick rain forests that shelter a wide variety of birds and animals. Here visitors can visit the lifestyle of different ethnic groups in Khagrachari. The Alutila hill is a very dark, rocky and slippery cave with water flowing through – there is no risk though, nothing to worry, it is an absolutely safe cave. This cave represents the mysterious beauty of Alutila hill.

Raisang fall of Alutila Cave

Richang fall of Alutila Cave

Richang Fall is another attraction of Alutila Hill, which is 20 kilometers from the town of Khagrachari in Matiranga Upazilla of Khagrachari. Everybody enjoys its crystal clear water round the year but during the rainy season the scenery is more beautiful  here. Dry season has the minimum water flow in this water fall. Travelers can hear the sound of the fall which will increase their heart beat with excitement! Travelers would need to climb the hill a little more in order to reach Richang Falls – don’t worry, its not hard!

Instruction About Alutila Cave of the Traveler

Instruction for the Traveler About the Mysterious Tunnel

Alutila Tourists spot: Khagrachari – Chittagong Road, 5 km away from the Parjatan motel. East of the Alutila Tourist spot, under the mountain, lies the 150 meter long flowing natural waterfall. Chittagong Road, 5 km shout from the motel. Local Buses, Chader gari, fare- 8/10 tk. Microbus can be rented as well. Travel hunters are always  ready to discover the beauty of  Alutila Cave without any hesitation.

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