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No conspiracy can deter Bangladesh’s progress: PM

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No conspiracy can deter Bangladesh’s progress: PM

06 November 2015, Nirapad News: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the ongoing development of Bangladesh could not be deterred by any conspiracy or destructive activities.

“Proper direction and guidance of her government, indomitable working spirit of the people and support of the expatriate nationals would take forward Bangladesh in the coming days and much before 2021 the country would be able to become a middle-income nation, stamping out hunger and poverty,” Sheikh Hasina added.

“Bangladesh is progressively moving forward in all sectors and none can ignore Bangladesh now.No conspiracy will work to skid the country off its aspired goal of achieving economic prosperity and social development,” she emphatically said.

The Prime Minister on the last day of her three-day official visit to the Netherlands was addressing a community reception accorded to her by Bangladeshi diaspora at Kurhaus Hotel here last night.

Sheikh Hasina said since independence Bangladesh has been under the conspiracy of military dictators and anti-liberation forces.Despite that people of Bangladesh, whenever they got opportunity, have tried to move ahead and stand keeping their head high.Bangladesh would be a middle-income country by 2021 and a developed one by 2041 braving all intrigues, she said.

Recalling the role of expatriate nationals in Bangladesh’s development, the Prime Minister said they have contribution in all political, economic and social achievements of the country. Expatriates have a major role in current economic development as they send around US$ 27.2 billion remittance a year, she said.

Sheikh Hasina recalled that expatriates sent Sir Thomas William to fight for Bangabandhu in the Agartala Conspiracy Case. “They built up international opinion during the War of Liberation. After the brutal killing of Bangabandhu, expatriates came up with protest in Sweden and Britain.”

They had initiated to send Thomas William to investigate the killing of the Father of the Bengali Nation. But Ziaur Rahman barred him from coming to Bangladesh, she said.

Pointing out the political situation in Bangladesh following January 11,2007 changeover, she said the caretaker government denied her to enter the country from London. At that time, expatriate Bangladeshi nationals came forward in her support and they, risking their lives, accompanied her in her journey home. Terming Netherlands as a good friend of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said the country was always beside Bangladesh in her needs. So she paid the first ever officials visit to the Netherlands to boost up the ties,Sheikh Hasina said.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh would have been a developed nation much before if Bangabandhu was alive. Bangabandhu during his three-and-a-half-year tenure had accomplished most of the tasks needed for cementing the foundation of an independent and sovereign state, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh could not progress in any front after the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu. “Rather politics of killing and coups loomed large, and democracy, freedom and rule of law were sent into oblivion.”

The Prime Minister said Ziaur Rahman captured power illegally after killing Bangabandhu. “He rehabilitated the killers and war criminals as well. He freed eleven thousand war criminals from jail and rewarded the killers of Bangabandhu by giving foreign posting.”

Sheikh Hasina said the people of Bangladesh had to suffer for 21 years and they got the real taste of development in 1996 when the Awami League government came to power with public mandate. But their happiness did not last more than five years as BNP and Jamaat came to power again in 2001. Their torture and intimidation continued till 2006, she said.

The Prime Minister said the 2008 election was a turning point for Bangladesh’s history when people gave mandate to Awami League again to constitute the government. “Through this change the country got back the momentum of development in every sector.”

She said the Awami League government put the ideology and programmes of Bangabandhu in the forefront to carry forward the development programmes and build up Bangladesh. The government has taken initiatives to strengthen bilateral relations with neighbours aimed at prosperity together.

Highlighting the progress of Bangladesh in various sectors, the Prime Minister said the government has given utmost priority to education, particularly of females, health, food security and nutrition. Use of information technology has been given utmost importance to materialize the government’s vision to build a “Digital Bangladesh”, she said.

In this regard, Sheikh Hasina lambasted BNP for scrapping a deal with a Dutch company to procure computers for government offices. Bangladesh government came with the deal during its 1996-2001 tenure to purchase computers from Dutch computer manufacturer Tulip Computers NV.

As the “Tulip” coincided with the name of Tulip Siddiqui, one of the nieces of Sheikh Hasina, now a British parliament member, the BNP government after assuming office in 2001 scrapped the deal on the plea that Tulip Computers is owned by Tulip Siddiqui.

“The unscrupulous decision of the BNP government caused imposing a fine of Taka 32 crore on Bangladesh government for breach of the contact. BNP, a union of corrupt and dishonest guys, always calculate others in the same parameter,” the Prime Minister said.

Mentioning the destructive politics of BNP and Jamaat clique over the years, the Prime Minister said Khaleda Zia again became engrossed with herconspiratorial politics and her every step is aimed at tarnishing the image of the country. They are behind the recent killings, anarchy and subversive activities, she said.

Sheikh Hasina urged the expatriates to come up with investment in various sectors and encourage the foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Bangladesh. She also urged them to enlighten the country’s image abroad.

State Minister for Water Resources Nazrul Islam, Bir Pratik, president of All Europe Awami League Anil Das Gupta, UK Awami League president Sultan Sharif, and president of Holland Awami League Mahid Faruk spoke, amongothers, on the occasion.

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