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PM ask banks for strict monitoring to check terror financing


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

5 February 2015, Nirapad News: Today Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked banks and financial institutions to identify the sponsor of militant and destructive activities and strictly monitor the bank transactions to check terror financing.

In a meeting with the officials of the Ministry of Finance at Bangladesh Secretariat today she said the patrons of terrorist and militant activities are still using the banks while transferring money at home and abroad.

“So all bank transactions should be closely monitored and the terror financers should be identified as they are out to destroy the very existence of the country through unleashing reign of terror and militant activities,” she said. The prime minister came to the ministry as part of her plan to visit every ministry to bring dynamism in their activities.

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith also spoke on the occasion attended by senior secretary of the ministry Mahbub Ahmed and heads of different divisions and institutions under the ministry.

Sheikh Hasina urged the countrymen to resist the destructive activities of BNP-Jamaat observing that only public fury can prevent the parties from doing evil activities.

“People are aware about the destructive activities of BNP-Jamaat targeting innocent people and country’s economy. People have started resisting these unruly activities and only public wrath can prevent BNP-Jamaat from riding on anarchy,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “We have a commitment to the nation as we have liberated the country. It’s our responsibility to make the country self-reliant economically and as a dignified nation. We operate the country keeping this in mind.”

The Prime Minister said people are worried about the incidents perpetrated by the BNP-Jamaat. “In the name of politics they are carrying out destructive activities including killing, petrol bomb attack and causing harm to economy which have crossed all limits,” she added.

“They do politics in the name of Islam, but they are pushing the country to a complete destruction through conducting such activities which Islam never supports,” the prime minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said BNP have no sympathy for the people as the party has no sacrifice for creating the country. “They have got it at the cost of others. BNP has emerged as a political party illegally in the aftermath of the killing of Bangabandhu,” she said.

On the other hand, she said, “Jamaat-e-Islami was the collaborator of the occupation force and responsible for putting forth our mothers and sisters to the hands of the Pakistani force to meet their lust, committing crimes against humanity during the War of Liberation.”

So the parties don’t have any responsibility to protect the country or making country’s future, she said adding “BNP-Jamaat only know how to amass wealth through corruption and push the country to destruction.”

She said “Certainly we don’t see their any interest for people or country’s development if they come to power. It’s their character.” The Prime Minister said the government is making its best to bring the current unruly activities of BNP-Jamaat under control.

After the meeting the Prime Minister received donation of Taka six crore from nine state run banks and financial institutions given to the Prime Minister’s fund for treatment and financial support to the victims of the ongoing terror activities of BNP-Jamaat.

The banks and institutions are- Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Agrani Bank, Rupali Bank, Bangladesh Development Bank, Investment Corporation of Bangladesh, Sadharan Bima, Jiban Bima and Bangladesh Security and Exchange Commission.

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith handed over the checks of the donations to the Prime Minister on behalf of the banks and financial institutions, PM’s Press Secretary Shameem Chowdhury said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the scale of recent violence of BNP and Jamaat is tantamount to crime against humanity. BNP and Jamaat are creating social and political troubles to hinder the country’s ongoing success.

She said Bangladesh’s economy is now better than ever before and in all index the country is progressing at a faster pace. The government has been implementing many fast-track projects to expedite the economic development.

Laying importance on peaceful political situation, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh would have been a developed country much before than other countries in this region if the country could on the track that Bangabandhu had initiated after independence.

She said military rulers started ruining country’s economy through capturing power in 1975. Awami League put the economy on right track again after taking office in 1996. Bangladesh is now a model of development to world community as Awami League government followed progressive and pragmatic economic policy during its last two tenures, she said.

Sheikh Hasina sought support of the officials of the finance ministry in implementing the fast-track projects saying they have to play a responsible role in mobilize fund to implement those projects within the stipulated time.

She thanked the officials for keeping up the country’s economic mobility despite global economic crisis and said the size of the budget has been increased to Taka 2,50,506 crore this fiscal year from Taka 61,057 crore in 2005-2006. Enlargement of the budget has expedited the country growth and reduced the poverty and economic disparity as well, she said.

Pointing out her government’s vision to reduce country’s poverty rate to 10 percent by next four years, the prime minister said none would undermine Bangladesh as a poor country if “we can achieve goal and stamp out extreme poverty from the society”.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is becoming independent in every sector. The purchasing capacity of the people has been increased while employment opportunities also increased. Five crore people could elevate their position from low income to medium income level. Overall poverty rate has been reduced to 24 percent while extreme poverty rate reduced to 11 percent, the prime minister said.

She said BNP and Jamaat are destroying the property of the country and killing innocent people when Bangladesh is on progress constantly. Their prime goal is to push the country backward. In 1971, they carried out genocide on Bengali people and now innocent people are falling victims to their violence, she added.

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