Update March 17, 2016

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Pom Pom nails, the bizarre manicure style

Sumel Sarker

Pom Pom nails

Pom Pom nails, the bizarre manicure style

17 March 2016, Nirapad News: You have probably used pom poms to cheer your team during your school’s annual sports, but do you know you can now use the fluffy balls to create a fun and easy nail art, albeit not long-lasting? Resembles fungi growth!

Yes like anything experimental and extraordinary, it has also become the butt of jokes on social media, with people calling it gross, horrendous and even resembling a fungi growth on the nails.

The haters are also making memes on it as rightly said, washing the hands with pom poms will be next to impossible. Also, refrain from picking your nose, or eating with your hands when these colorful balls adorn your nails.

It’s fun nonetheless Good for a kid’s birthday party, the best part is you can source them easily from any crafts store and just stick them on in a jiffy on your regular nail polish to make your hands stand-out. Experiment with a range of sizes, colors and placements to create different variations.

Expert say “Pom pom nails are an emerging nail art trend. It teams up well with fashion accessories and adds funk, cuteness and a style statement. What’s more? It is easy to do by oneself,” said nail expert Neela Bopaiah.

“This trend has been taking over social networking sites and there’s no shortage of creativity. If you are daring, then go bright, else stick to a single color to match your outfit. If a handful of pom pom is too daunting, then highlight only one finger for a more manageable look,” said nail expert Shikha Sridhar.

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