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Dhaka 7-51 pm, 27-November, 2020

Prices of meat and fish up, onion down

Sumel Sarker


Prices of meat and fish increased during the last seven days because of supply crunch.

14 March 2015, Nirapad News: Beef price touched a record high as it was sold between the range of Tk 360-370 per kg in different kitchen markets in the city Friday.

Prices of onion showed further decline while ginger, chilli and some vegetable prices marked rise in the city kitchen markets on Friday compared to that of its previous level.

Prices of poultry meat, beef and buffalo meat prices increased by Tk15-20 per kg in last seven days. Beef sold at Tk360-370 while buffalo meat sold at Tk 320-340 per kg, a Tk 20 hike in a week, according to the traders.

Md Lutfor, a meat trader at Banalata Kitchen Market under Newmarket area told the FE that prices of cow is higher in the market as supply of Indian cows have not been normalized following the ongoing blockade coupled with hartals. He said even buffalo meat is being sold at Tk330-340 per kg in the name of beef.

He said the prices of cattle increased significantly in recent times as traders in the border areas are sending small numbers of Indian animals against the demand. “A 100 kg weight cow is now sold at Tk29,000-30,000 which was hardly Tk25,000 in the pre-blockade period,” he said.

However, according to the data available by the state-run Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM), the price of beef (Tk370 per kg) hits a record on Friday considering prices of last six years. Mutton price was static maintaining the higher price of Tk540-550 per kg.

Chicken prices increased by Tk15 per kg in a week as broiler sold at Tk160-165 per kg and layer sold at Tk165-170 per kg on Friday.

Indigenous chicken prices increased by Tk50-100 per piece as a medium sized sold at Tk450-460 on the day. Most of the fish varieties except pangasea and hybrid ‘koi’ increased by Tk40-100 per kg. Hilsa almost disappeared due to a ban on fishing by the government.

Few traders sold the silver fish from their storage but price was significantly higher. Medium sized (700-800 gm sized) Hilsa sold at Tk700-750 per piece. Rui of bigger size sold at Tk350-400, medium sized at Tk220-250 per kg on the day—Tk50 hike in a week.

Pabda fish sold at Tk950-1000 per kg-Tk100 increase in a week. Price of local variety of ginger increased by Tk20 per kg and sold at Tk100-110 per kg on the day while chilli sold at Tk60-65 per kg-Tk15-20 hike in a week.

Onion prices declined further by Tk5 and sold at Tk35-42 (local) and Tk28-32 (imported) per kg on the day. Prices of winter vegetable like cauliflower, cabbage, local bean and carrot increased by Tk5 to Tk10 per kg on the day.

Prices of most of other essentials remained static on the day.

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