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Prices of winter vegetables fall in city markets

Sumel Sarker


Prices of winter vegetables fall in city markets

14 November 2015, Nirapad News: Prices of almost all the early winter vegetables started declining in the city’s kitchen markets whereas prices of other vegetables and essentials remained stable over the last week ending on Friday.

Visiting the city’s Karwan Bazar and Moulvibajar kitchen markets, this correspondent found out that the prices of cabbage, cauliflower, radish, bean, pointed gourd, bitter ground, green chili and other vegetables have declined at both retail and wholesale levels this week.

A medium size cabbage was selling at Tk 25-30 per piece, whereas it was selling at Tk 35-45 previous week.

Cauliflower was selling at Tk 35-40 (big size) per piece. The price was Tk 40-50 previous week.Bitter ground was selling at Tk 40 per kg, whereas the price was Tk 50-55 previous week.

However, prices of red and white beans remained static and were selling at Tk 40-45 per kg and Tk 30-35 per kg respectively.

Pointed gourd and red brinjal were selling at Tk 30 per kg and Tk 40 per kg respectively, which were Tk 5 lesser than the last week’s prices.

Papaya was selling at Tk 15-20 per kg compared to last week’s price of Tk 20-25. Onion (local) was selling at Tk 60 per kg, though the price soared to Tk 100 couple of weeks ago. Onion (Indian) was selling at Tk 40-45 per kg compared to the last week’s price of Tk 50, while bottle gourd Tk 40 per kg compared to the last week’s Tk 50.

The price of regular potatoes has increased by Tk 5-10 per kg and fine rice (ChiniGura) increased by Tk 10-12 per kg in the retail markets.

Prices of tomato and potato (newly harvested) remained out of the reach of the common people as prices soared high.

Russel, a vegetable seller of Karwan Bazar, said that prices of all vegetables are declining as it is a brand new season of fresh vegetables. Vegetables supplies in the market are sufficient ahead of winter.

He also said newly harvested potatoes (notun alu) are now selling at a high price as it has just been harvested and arrived in the market.

Abdul Aual, a college teacher and a resident of Central Road area of the capital, said, “Vegetables price has gone down this week compared to that couple of weeks ago.”

“I bought a pair of small size cauliflowers at Tk 55-60 last week, but today I found it at Tk 35-40. They took Tk 20 for per kg radish today which was sold at Tk 25 last week. The price of Papaya also seems lesser than that of the previous week to me,” he said.

Fine rice (Chinigura ) was selling at an increased price of Tk 80- 82 per kg and 4000-4100 per 50 kg sack this week which was Tk 70-75 and 3900-4000 respectively in the last week.

Rice price has increased by Tk 3-7 per kg in the retail market. Miniket was selling at Tk 2200-2250, Shorna Tk 1500, Atash Tk 1800-1900, and Najirshail 2500 per 50 kg sack.

Jalal Uddin, a rice trader and proprietor of a wholesale rice shop in Karwan Bazar, said rice price is slightly high as this is the end of the season.

“Farmers have already started harvesting Aman rice which are expected to come to the market in the new season. Price rice may be reduced with the arrival of the newly harvested rice,” he said.

Fine flour (2 kg pack) was selling at Tk 80 while flour (2 kg pack) Tk 65, lentil (local) Tk 120 per kg , lentil (Indian) Tk 95-100 per kg, pulses (mug) Tk 75-80 per kg, sugar (red) Tk 45 per kg, sugar (white) Tk 38-40 per kg, soybean oil (5 litre bottle) Tk 460-480, soybean oil (loose) Tk 80-85 per litre, palm oil Tk 60-65 per litre, salt (1 kg pack) Tk 25 (was selling at the same price as of the past week).

Beef price came down this week by Tk 30-50. It was selling at Tk 350 -360 per kg. Mutton was selling at Tk 560-580 per kg.

Egg price has increased this week slightly to Tk 3-5 per hali. Egg (broiler) and Egg ( local) were selling at Tk 35-40 and Tk 45-50 respectively whereas the prices were Tk 30-35 and Tk 40-45 respectively in past week.

Chicken (broiler ) was selling at Tk 120 per kg, chicken (local) at Tk 250 per kg , chicken (local) at Tk 300-400 per piece, chicken (Pakistani) at Tk 220- 250 per piece.

Ruhi fish was selling at Tk 400 per kg, while other carps around Tk 300 per kg, boal Tk 700 per kg and poa Tk 350-400 per kg.

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