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Priorities of Bangladesh for Cricket

Sumel Sarker


Priorities of Bangladesh for Cricket

12 October 2015, Nirapad News: We have observed some recent conversation and speculation about future of international cricket in Bangladesh in electronic, pint and social media. These have got momentum after Cricket Australia postponing the scheduled tour to Bangladesh upon Australian Government advice originated from security alert issued by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Few persons appeared on TV talk shows, sports reporters and columnists wrote reports.

We have seen speculations about possible relocation of venue of World Youth Cricket from Bangladesh appearing in Bangladesh media. In a democratic environment any citizen has right to express the opinion. But we must also remain careful that these do not hurt national interest. We are living at an age where media is the most powerful weapon to build or destroy public confidence.

One must not forget that the postponement of Australian teams visit to Bangladesh had no links with non-confidence of CA or Australian Cricket community about organizational ability of BCB and hospitality of Bangladesh Cricket community. This originated from local, regional and geo politics and as such genuine cricket lovers of Bangladesh should have relied upon BCB and Bangladesh government to maneuver and resolve the situation.

We must realize that it was the deliberate ploy of some ill-motivated groups or individuals to create panic and project wrong image of Bangladesh to world community. Such speculation and gossip only encourages the evil mongers.

CA sent its Security chief to Bangladesh. Various authorities, agencies and finally home ministry gave assurance for providing highest security to the visiting Australian team. But unfortunately two incidents of murder of two foreign citizens around same time created doubts and confusion.

CA reluctantly postponed the tour mention about engagement with BCB for confirming a revised schedule as soon as possible. BCB in discussion with South African Board also postponed the visit of its women team.

Bangladesh is passing through a purple patch in International cricket in 2015. The mission ICC World Cup 2015 was a tremendous success. Supremely confident Bangladesh team white washed Pakistan, won ODI series against strong India and South Africa. Several young potential world-class performers emerged.

Cricket became the uniting force and a positive catalyst for younger generation. This must have made the vested group of anti-Bangladesh conspirators worried. They were losing ways for misguiding youth to their evil design. Another group could not digest the continued success of Bangladesh in socio economic development.

For many reasons the most peaceful nation of South Asia is making commendable strides towards its vision. Fanatics had to do something and they selected Cricket as their preliminary target.

Cricket is played in our part of the world since the middle of last century. Except minor disturbances there were no incidents in the cricket field, which can be set as an example for causing any concern about security. International cricketers are admired and adored.

This writer in various interactions of icon international cricket and sports has only heard deep appreciation about the hospitality of Bangladeshis everywhere they went. Bangladesh has so successfully organized so many international tournament including ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup without any incident.

In Bangladesh, we often played cricket during political programs. Even in the present scenario, about 200 international players have shown interest for playing in the third edition of BPL scheduled to start in November.

ICC meeting is in progress. We are sure CA and BCB will soon work out a revised schedule mutually acceptable to both sides. There has been no official discussion anywhere about shifting the venue of Youth Cup.

We must keep faith on relevant cricket authority of BCB for managing their affairs at this crunch time. If possible, we must assist them with positive advice and guidelines about consolidating our achievements in international cricket.

At the same time, we must remain alert against conspirators who are trying to destabilize the country to serve their own ends. It does not need an Albert Einstein to know who these people are.

We can easily assess whose interest in hurt from the continued success of Bangladesh in different areas of socio economic life including assembling of youth behind cricket.

It is not that we all agree the way Cricket in Bangladesh is functioning under the present BCB. But this is not the time to bring any controversial issues on the surface. We all must remain united for the cause of cricket interest now.

We are sure world community will soon come to realization that Bangladesh is absolutely safe for doing business, playing cricket or any sports event.

Government should put together all efforts to root out conspiracy and conspirators for securing the life and property of every citizen with active engagement of different stakeholders.

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