Update February 1, 2016

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‘Scooping Slap’ a new shot in cricket invented by Anuerin Donald (Video Clip)

Sumel Sarker

scooping slap

‘Scooping Slap’ a new shot in cricket invented by Anuerin Donald (Video Clip)

01 February 2015, Nirapad News: With the advent of T20 cricket, improvisation has become a part and parcel of modern cricket. Counting on one’s limited manual is no more a good option. If one wants to adapt to the pace of the game and keep himself going, he must find a way out to break the deadlock bowlers are trying to apply on him.

Nowadays we even see the yorkers find the stand for the sake of something bizarre called a helicopter shot. Even the high bouncers aiming at the batsmen’s head are being dealt with tennis forehands. But one delivery that still troubles the batsmen is the high bouncers. When the bowlers produce one, batsmen find themselves out of water and tottering at the crease.

But it seems like a young English batsman has discovered the solution of it. The future star Anuerin Donald pulled out a unique, eye-popping scoop shot to deal with the slower bouncer against Zimbabwe during the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2016 on Sunday, which was later recognized as a ‘Scooping slap’ by the ICC.

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