Update April 2, 2017

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Six mysterious towers discovered on the moon by Nasa

Mirajul Moin Joy

Some of the towers are almost 5km high (Photo: Google Earth)

2 April 2017, Nirapad News: A group of six ‘towers’ have been discovered on the moon by conspiracy theorists who believe they could have been built by aliens.

Footage taken from Google Moon, which is collected by Nasa satellites orbiting the moon and taking images of the lunar surface, appears to show several rocks standing high above ‘ground level’.

And according to the data alongside these images, some of the towers are five kilometres high.

Tyler Glockner, founder of alien hunting website Secure Team 10 , believes the rock formations are not natural, and have actually been placed there by some kind of lifeform.

He says: “When you look at these things, they are towering.

“Some of them nearly four miles high.

“And you may say to yourself, ‘well Tyler, these are probably just gltiches, image glitches on the software.

“To which I say OK, that’s a valid possibility.

“But when it comes to the idea of towers on the moon – and by towers, I’m talking artificial towers – as in they are not natural to the moon, they have been put there by someone or something.

“The idea of towers on the moon has been around for decades.”

But some viewers were not convinced by the footage.

One wrote: “For a detailed analysis of the lunar surface, Google moon is a very unreliable tool.”

But another added: “What if Nasa is releasing this data and those images as a way of drip-feeding us.

“Surely they can’t have missed all those structures, after all, it’s Nasa.”

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