Update November 10, 2015

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Space advocates risk losing momentum toward mars

Sumel Sarker


Tofail for summoning TIB to parliament

10 November 2015, Nirapad News: There is more space-exploration work underway today than there has been since the 1960s, and arguably even more than there was in those days, when everything was new and politicians turned on the money spigots for more. Robotic probes are sending back new knowledge almost daily from the icy bodies at the outer reaches of the Solar System—Pluto, Ceres, Enceladus — and from the rocky planets closer to home.

Squable Squable! Its turkey time and guess who has the biggest one. I have not even seen a defined mission agenda. Are we going to nuke our way to Mars or snail a path to absurdity. By the time we could land on an asteroid emerging technology could change the cost and time to get to Mars. I see a lot of good development going on, at least that’s something.

The only way to get “public money” (Congressional funding) is to convince “John and Jane Q. Public” that space is worth exploring. “We”, and that includes NASA (which is forebidden by law to lobby for itself), private industry, space advocacy groups (National Space Society, Planetary Society, Mars Society, et al) have done a miserable job of showing how space exploration and development benefits the general public. Part of this is due to different objectives advocated by the “advocacy groups”, but more importantly because there has been no leadership from the White House, nor from any of the current crop of candidates from both parties!

A clear, step-by-step series of exploration objectives is an absolute necessity if America’s space program is to continue and succeed at placing humans…anywhere! The example of the Chinese junking) their exploration fleet is mirrored by Portugal’s explorations around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope in the 15th Century under their king Prince Henry the Navigator, and then quitting! Spain took over, followed by The Dutch and then the English. I would hate to see America become the Portugal of the space age!

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