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Spider-Man debuts in new Captain America movie

Sumel Sarker


Spider-Man debuts in new Captain America movie

15 March 2016, Nirapad News: Tom Holland’s version of Marvel’s iconic wall-crawler makes an amazing debut – some might even say spectacular – at the climax of the latest trailer for the next Marvel movie, and he’s already chosen a side: he’s standing with Team Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) against the forces led by Captain America (Chris Evans) over whether or not the superheroes of the world need oversight.

The new trailer gives more context about what’s behind the internal conflict, with Tony Stark telling Cap that “we need to be put in check? whatever form that takes, I’m game.” Later in the trailer, Cap says, “This doesn’t have to end in a fight, Tony,” but the title of the movie suggests otherwise.

Fights we glimpse include the Scarlet Witch taking on the Vision, Hawkeye teaming up with Ant-Man to fight Iron Man, and Cap actually taking on a genuine villain – Crossbones, AKA Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Brock Rumlow, played by Frank Grillo. But all of that fades into the background after that final scene, with Spider-Man swinging into action on Iron Man’s command, looking just like his comic book incarnation. “Hey, everyone,” indeed.
Directed by the Russo brothers, the movie will be released May 5.

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