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Spring Beauty Tips

Sumel Sarker

Spring Beauty Tips34

Spring Beauty Tips

27 February 2015, Nirapad News: Spring is just passing the corner, and a new season and warmer weather means a change in your everyday beauty routine.

It’s time to ditch the dark makeup hues, swap out heavier creams for lighter versions and give your hair some extra TLC after the toll it took during the winter. And who better to look to than our fabulous HuffPost Lifestyle Contributors for the best-ever spring beauty tips?

Check them out below!

1. ‘Grab yourself a Tangle Teezer for your bag (the travel size has a little cover). Nothing gives the hair more natural volume and looks this good!’ – Gloria Chik, Urbane Bloc.

2. ‘My spring beauty tip is to switch to a bright lip color to bring some brightness back into the face. I also suggest incorporating a light sunscreen into your face routine so that you’re always covered as you spend more time outdoors.’ – Henna Singh, Canadian Beauty.

3. ‘I love blush all year round, and it’s definitely something I wear every day (regardless of the weather). My favorite beauty tip for spring is to swap out your darker blush shades (rose-y or bronze-y) and opt for bright coral shades instead! I love this trio from Make Up Forever.’ – Kayla Short, Short Presents.

4. ‘Sunscreen! In the winter and spring months, many forget to apply sunscreen — but it’s arguably the most important part of your skin care regime. I use SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 ($44, available at SkinCeuticals.ca) religiously. It has a gorgeous tint to it, so no foundation required post-application.’ – Jessica Denomme, Flats Are For Quitters.

5. ‘With spring blossoming around March’s corner, I’ve been playing around with new spring blush palettes and on more than one occasion I may have let the excitement get the best of… my cheeks. Oops! So what do you do when you’ve applied just a bit too much blush? Blot it off? Don’t you dare. Makeup remover? Drop it. Instead, reach for a concealer or a liquid foundation (I prefer concealer) and blur just a touch of product on top of the blush. The end result will be a more natural flushed look – you can file this one under #SerendipitousMakeupMoments.’ – Mikayla Tran, Beauty Echoes Magazine.

6. ‘Swap your powder blush and highlighter for a cream version to help bring some life back into your skin after the harsh winter weather. L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Blur Blush in Soft Peach and Magic Lumi Iluminating Primer are great options.’ – Courtney Connolly, La Belle Sirene.

7. ‘If you haven’t already, start using a Facial Cleansing Brush! Winter has been harsh to the skin and adding a facial cleansing brush to your beauty routine will repair the skin and prep it for light, breezy spring weather! We like the Clarisonic Facial Brush and the Conair True Glow Sonic Skincare Solution Brush.

Also, vitamins help repair your beauty from within. If you haven’t already started, begin to add Vitamin B3 to resolve redness in the skin, Vitamin C for blemishes, Vitamin E to add moisture. Winter is a pro at adding redness and blemishes to our lovely faces, and taking away moisture.’ – Carcia and Telly Campbell, It’s MusicFashionLife.

8. ‘Reevaluate your skincare routine. Skin reacts to weather changes so you have to change your routine to accommodate that. Also, bring in some brights with a coral lipstick!’ — Rema Gouyez-Benallal, The Burgundy Book.

9. ‘No matter how drab I feel in the winter, I wait until spring to get a haircut, and a fresh head of highlights. It brightens my overall perspective, and eases the transition from hiding under scarves and hats all winter, to feeling confident to say hello to the world again.’ — Amanda DiPasquale, Not A Model Blog.

10. ‘Keep your makeup light and natural — winter is finally coming to an end and your skin can breathe in the fresh air! Light coverage, pink hues, and the feeling that your skin is no longer trapped by winter’s wrath gives you endless opportunities! This is probably a tip many will share!’ — Emily Hayward, What Emily Said.

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