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Tempting acts for your honeymoon checklist

Sumel Sarker


Tempting acts for your honeymoon checklist

04 November 2015,Nirapad News: When newly married couples plan for honeymoon, they fail to fondle the memorable moments due to nervousness. Couples take time to know the partner. While you are packing your bags for honeymoon, yet not planning what to do to make this a life-time attainment at its best, you will regret!

Biting can be fun. But have a safe word in case someone chomps a little too hard. It’s a less conservative version of a hickey.

Hair pulling is an awesome beginner step to kink, if you haven’t tried it before. This and the previous tip both fall into the category.
Trying various things to do with the rear end

This doesn’t have to mean going all the way, which is a scary thought for some, but buy some lube or light some candles to set the mood – try whatever you’re comfortable with trying. Certain lubes can contain aphrodisiac or warming ingredients which might make the situation a little less overwhelming to ease into.

Chains – these can be a little intense for first-time kink-seekers, so maybe try with some furry handcuffs, which are a little less crazy. Take turns being dominant and being submissive with your partner to figure out what roles you guys prefer.

Have eye contact restrictions

This might offend some, but it can be a turn on to have some passionate sex without the sappy eye contact of lovemaking. You can imagine scenarios, like being with a stranger, or whatever other fantasies you feel like. It will also allow you to be more tactile and focus on touch. You can blind fold each other to assist.

Try extended foreplay

You can even learn a choreography to something sexy, like a Ciara or Beyonce music video, and mix it in. Have him sit on the bed or the edge of a chair.

Try some role-play

This can be particular fantasies that one of you has in mind (be open-minded so the other person doesn’t feel judged), or it can be a more standard roleplay, like a cheerleader or schoolgirl fantasy. In the same vein, dressing up without the roleplaying can be just as sexy.

Try different things in different places

Whether this is a hotel, in nature, or a sneaky place in public like a restaurant bathroom, this is sure to give you guys an adrenaline boost and make the sex unforgettable.

In the summer, use the blind fold from the eye contact restriction tip and with it on your partner, rub and ice cube up and down his or her body. Their nerves will be on fire.

Also, right when both of you are at the verge, hold off. When it eventually happens after holding out a few times, the result will be memorable for the both of you. That moment of pushing yourself to the verge can also be an incredibly intense feeling.

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