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The right way to reboot your body every time you indulge

Sumel Sarker

reboot ur body

The right way to reboot your body every time you indulge

06 December 2015,Nirapad News: When your inbox is groaning with invites, when the festival winter wedding season sees you hopping from party to party, when you are moving from pillar to host, don’t forget to RSVP.

I’m referring to a very different RSVP — standing for R-Rehydrate, S-Sleep, V-Vitamins, P-Protein — check in your body to ensure it isn’t faltering under the burden of what you subject it to. If you want your body to recover from every do, and bounce back in time to face the next one, do pay heed.

You can never get too much water during this season. Alcohol intake — mixed with the inability to keep a tab on what you are drinking, and how much — could dehydrate you, leading to some killer hangovers. Even if you are not much of a drinker, you could be thirstily dancing the night away not realising you have to stock up on more than just the latest accessory – you need to drink lots of water. Going out more frequently also turns your usual routine upside down, including what you eat and drink, which again could mean that you aren’t getting enough water. Even the winter season — when you don’t sweat as much — could be dehydrating. In other words, when it comes to adequate hydration, the odds are stacked against you this season, so keep drinking water, more so, during this time. You can go up to 3 litres a day or about 10-12 glasses. Drinking water could also combat that bloated feeling and help you cope with the extra inches around your stomach which seem to have appeared overnight – it may not actually be weight gain but simply water retention. When your body thinks it’s not getting enough water, it hangs on to or retains the little water you do drink, leading to a bloated appearance. You need to drink more water to ensure you are not always in the same bloat.

If you snooze, you lose. Weight that is. There’s a strong link between sleep and weight loss and between sleep and aging, which is why your mom urged you to get your quota of ‘beauty sleep’. Clock in as many hours as possible so that you look fresh, and rejuvenated enough to genuinely enjoy the season.

Take a doctor-prescribed antioxidant supplement to help you recover. You can maintain your skin’s softness, and feel better too. Drink raw vegetable juices, not fruit juices, to match the shine of the season.

Protein takes longer to digest, keeping you feeling full for longer hours. It also helps you manage your sugar cravings. Raise your protein intake when you are out. Consume dals, egg whites (including egg-nog), turkey, and other lean white meats (not red meats), all of which will be in season.

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