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Things you must know before your wedding

Sumel Sarker

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Things you must know before your wedding

02 October 2015, Nirapad News: Various people get involved with many suggestions, causing more and more confusion. Here is a list of things that will help you plan your big day…

Wedding destinations

Destination weddings were once preferred by the creme de la creme, or so we thought. But today, many couples prefer to choose picturesque locations, thanks to the pocket-friendly budgets that wedding planners offer. With couples wanting only a select few family members and friends to be part of their big day, destination weddings have become the best option. Some of the popular destinations include Thailand, Greece, Bali, Seychelles, Paris, Miami, Rome and Sri Lanka.

Soraya Homchuen, director of tourism authority of Thailand, says, There has been a gradual increase in the number of Indian weddings taking place in Thailand. Initially, a lot of couples from north India preferred destination weddings. Of late, more and more south Indian couples also go for it. We get a lot of couples from Chennai and Hyderabad and there has been a 10% increase from those coming from south India. Thailand also attracts couples looking for a luxury wedding, and for those who want weddings within a certain budget. Places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Krabi are preferred locations.

With almost 200 Indian weddings happening in Thailand on a yearly basis, Soraya says that there are several Indian florists, caterers and even wedding planners, who help couples plan the perfect wedding there. She says, Thailand has a lot of Indian residents. Though there are wedding planners from India who travel to Thailand, we have a lot of resident wedding planners as well. One doesn’t have to feel like they are in the dark about having a traditional Indian wedding. We have also had 100 to 500 guests travelling from India for weddings. But mostly, we have seen a smaller crowd as couples prefer it to be that way, says Soraya.

Get your makeup right

There is a long list of things that the bride and groom have to decide on. Makeup artist Cory Walia suggests that the couple put down an exhaustive list of things to do before they start off. Based on the weather conditions of the venue of the wedding, the makeup has to be decided. Brides want makeup for different events. However, it is important keep in mind the occasion (for instance, sangeet or party) and the climate in mind. If she’s looking at having a pool party, it needs to be waterproof. Every look has to be decided in advance to avoid any confusion at the last minute. Since it will be in a different place altogether, it is important to stay focused on your D-Day, says Cory.

Elaborating on the trends, he says, When it comes to lip colours, hues of bright pinks, orange, coral and red are preferred. Of late, a lot of brides prefer wine and deep burgundy for their big day. For hairstyles, most of them are Bollywood driven. Though brides ask me for the latest trends, wedding makeup is not about the trend. The whole focus is on the bride. So, it is best to go with what they are comfortable with.

Wedding films

Apart from candid photography, wedding films are now gaining popularity. Wedding filmmaker Vishal Punjabi says, A lot of couples prefer wedding films, thanks to media exposure. These days, the entire cost of your wedding is close to the production value of a Karan Johar film, he laughs, adding, There is romance, drama and emotion that you find in a wedding. This eventually becomes the story for your film. With exotic locations lending interesting backdrops, wedding films turn out richer. But they shouldn’t be staged, says Vishal. We shoot with couples, who open up to us. We don’t follow a script or make them act as everything has to flow naturally. Even when you are watching the film after several years, it will be a memorable one. So, when we speak to the couple they don’t even know where the cameras are. However, Vishal also points out that wedding films are an expensive affair. You need good software to make your wedding film look great. For instance, we spend a lot of time editing, making music instead of opting for Bollywood tunes. Since we have the best in each department, it calls for a lot of money. But couples don’t seem to mind.

Sari draping gets a twist

When sari draper Dolly Jain started draping saris as a hobby, she played around only with a few styles. Over the years, Dolly learnt as many as 225 styles. The reason I am in this profession today is because no one really wears a sari often. Years ago, saris were the only outfit that most women wore. However, today young girls don’t prefer wearing one and find it difficult to carry it off. But a sari is a very comfortable garment and a great deal depends on how you drape it. Brides today want it simple and easy. Not many like to wear it on an in-skirt. They wear it on leggings, miniskirts and even on jeans. Trends like wearing a sari with a crop top or a shirt have become popular. Though it can’t be worn for the traditional ceremony, you can play around with these styles when it’s for a sangeet or a wedding party. Some of the latest crazes are combining two saris or adding glam with a dupatta. Waist accessories have also become increasingly popular these days. Even sari pins have been upgraded to sari magnets, so that the saris can be saved from rends caused by the pin. The trick to carry off a sari is simple — wear what suits your body frame. You will automatically feel comfortable, says Dolly, while adding that there are at least 40 styles reserved for the south Indian sari drape!

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