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This day in History

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This day in History

This day in History

Today is Monday, 15 December 2014,

1862 Nathan Bedford Forrest crosses the Tennessee River at Clifton with 2,500 men to raid the communications around Vicksburg, Mississippi.
1862 In New Orleans, Louisiana, Union Major General Benjamin F. Butler turns his command over to Nathaniel Banks. The citizens of New Orleans hold farewell parties for Butler, “The Beast” – but only after he leaves.
1864 The battle at Nashville begins.
1890 As U.S. Army soldiers attempt to arrest Sitting Bull at his cabin in Standing Rock, South Dakota, shooting breaks out and Lt. Bullhead shoots the great Sioux leader.
1903 The British parliament places a 15-year ban on whale hunting in Norway.
1920 China wins a place on the League Council; Austria is admitted.
1924 The Soviet Union warns the United States against repeated entry of ships into Soviet territorial waters.
1938 Washington sends its fourth note to Berlin demanding amnesty for Jews.
1944 The battle for Luzon begins.
1946 Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh sends a note to the new French Premier, Leon Blum, asking for peace talks.
1961 Adolf Eichmann, the former German Gestapo official accused of a major role in the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews, is sentenced by a Jerusalem court to be hanged.
1965 The United States drops 12 tons of bombs on an industrial center near Haiphong Harbor, North Vietnam.
1967 President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the meat bill in the presence of Upton Sinclair, the author of the controversial book The Jungle.
1972 The Commonwealth of Australia orders equal pay for women.
1973 The American Psychiatric Association votes 130 to remove homosexuality from its official list of psychiatric disorders.
1976 The oil tanker MV Argo Merchant causes one of the worst marine oil spills in history when it runs aground near Nantucket, Massachusetts.
1978 US President Jimmy Carter announces the United States will recognize the People’s Republic of China and will sever all relations with Taiwan.
1981 In what is often called the first modern suicide bombing, a suicide car bomb kills 61 people at the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, Lebanon; Iraq’s ambassador to Lebanon is among the casualties.
1993 The Downing Street Declaration, issued jointly by UK and the Republic of Ireland, affirms the UK would transfer Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland only if a majority of Northern Ireland’s people approved.
2001 The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after an 11-year, $27 million project to fortify it without eliminating its famed lean.
2005 F-22 Raptor Stealth fighter enters active service with the US Air Force.

Born on December 15

37 Nero Claudius Caesar, emperor of Rome, blamed for the great fire of Rome.
1832 Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, designer of the famous tower in Paris.
1883 William A. Hinton, developer of the “Hinton Test” for diagnosing syphilis.
1892 J. Paul Getty, American oilman and art collector..
1907 Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect who designed the Uited Nations Headquarters building.
1911 Nicholas P. Dallis, a psychiatrist turner comic strip writer who created the long-running strips Rex Morgan, M.D., Judge Parker, and Apartment 3-G.
1916 Maurice Wilkins, New Zealand-English physicist and molecular biologist; received Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1962).
1919 Max Yasgur, whose New York farm became the site of the Woodstock music festival in August 1969.
1923 Uziel Gal, German-Israeli firearm designer, best known for designing the Uzi submachine gun.
1933 Tim Conway, actor, screenwriter, producer, known for his comedic roles in TV and film that he frequently improvised (The Carol Burnett Show TV series).
1942 Dave Clark, singer, songwriter, drummer, producer; lead singer of The Dave Clark Five.
1979 Adam Brody, actor (Gilmore Girls and The O.C. TV series).

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