Update January 25, 2015

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Tiger Shoaib’s appeal to PM

Sumel Sarker

Tiger Shoaib-a die-hard fan of the Bangladesh Cricket

22 January, Nirapad News: Shoaib Ali Bukhari, a die-hard fan of the Bangladesh Cricket who paints himself as a tiger and supports Bangladesh cricket team from the ground at home and abroad.

In recent times he has become an iconic fan of Bangladesh cricket and represents Bangladesh fan community in the international arena. Although he has a lots of financial constraint in his real life but it doesn’t stop him to do so.

Now he appeals to Prime Minister as well as Bangladesh Cricket Board, BCB, to fund him along with two others to travel with the team for World Cup session.

The appeal is:

I know Bangladesh Prime Minister is a great fan of cricket. We have so many sweet memories with her brother Sheikh Kamal as our senior cricketer friend. She follows cricket regularly and encourages the team on every win. Not as a Prime Minister but as Hasina Apa, this is an appeal from Saleque Sufi to please advise BCB to sponsor the following three people to travel with the team as observers – Tiger Shoaib – the great Bangladeshi supporter, Mohasin – Captain Physically Handicapped team and Salma Khatun – the best ICC Women all-rounder.

Usually he is financially supported by corporate houses, current and former players, board officials and a supporters group for his travels. But this time he has struggled to find sufficient funds in his quest to travel to Australia and New Zealand for the World Cup. Many wealthy Bangladeshis will go to Australia & New Zealand for the World Cup, why not some top business group sponsor the three.

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