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Tips and tricks on easy cleaning of Household items

FR Fateh

Easy cleaning Ideas for household items

20 December 2016, Nirapad News: Cleaning as well as getting rid of stains from household items can sometimes be very frustrating and tedious not to mention expensive. The following are few easy ways to clean different household items with easy everyday available materials.

A Toothpaste Fix
Toothpaste is good for more than just cleaning your pearly whites. Cloudy glassware is renewed with a quick scrub.

Ice Cube Cleaning
Vinegar ice cubes are the cure for a foul-smelling sink. Just crush up these cubes in the garbage disposal for a fresh new scent.

Blend Away the Dirt
The sharp blades in a blender are good for making smoothies, but bad for potential kitchen cuts! To avoid having to your hands anywhere near them, handily blend soap water to make for an effortless cleaning.

A Helping Hand from a Wooden Spoon
Using a wooden spoon and dish cloth together will help with heavy-duty cleaning. The spoon gives you extra scraping power, while protecting your hands from that hot water needed to dislodge tough stains.

No Drop Dish Towels
When cooking up a storm in the kitchen, every little bit of convenience helps. Remove the nuisance of the ever dropping dish towel by cutting a slit at one end to fasten it to the oven handle.

Hide the Rack
Space is a valuable commodity in a small kitchen! Utilize a cabinet to hang drying dishes to free up room and allow the water to drip off on a collecting plate, or perhaps directly into the sink if you’ve got the right configuration for it.

Foil Dirty Dishes
Some stubborn food particles have you feeling like dish washing is an Olympic sport? A wad of aluminum foil will instantly erase tricky stains.

Lemon Scrub
As a kitchen tool, a cutting board takes a lot of abuse! Pamper your board with a lemon scrub that lifts both residual stains and odors.

A Trick with Flour
Follow a few simple steps to put the gleam back into any stainless steel surface in the kitchen. It only takes one ingredient, flour! Clean your sink (or stainless steel whatever) as you normally do, making sure to get off all chunks of crud or other sink-like dirtiness. Let it dry completely. Then, sprinkle flour all over the inside (1/4 c. was more than enough for both sides of my sink and the tops) and rub it down with a cloth of some sort. It really doesn’t matter what kind of cloth. Just rub lightly. Then dust the flour off completely, sending it down your sink or into your compost bin. Your sinks and stainless steel should be free of all those weird stain-looking marks stainless steel sometimes takes on.

Clean Your Sponge
Germaphobes may want to cover their ears when they hear just how much bacteria call the sponge home. Never fear! A quick twirl in the microwave helps kill off the pesky microbes.

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