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Tips for an energetic morning

Sumel Sarker

Early morning

Tips for an energetic morning

15 March 2016, Nirapad News: Feel groggy when you wake up every morning? Here are a few quick tips, guaranteed for an energetic morning!

Breathe deep

Deep breathing has many benefits; that’s why it is an important part of yoga. Metabolically, it brings more oxygen into your body, satisfying every organ’s need and boosting immunity. Plus, it stimulates nerve relaxation and clears away stress, fatigue and depression. Set aside a couple of minutes before going to bed and practice deep breathing. You’re now more likely to get up feeling energetic than usual.

Early morning2

Tips for an energetic morning


Water makes up for a considerable portion of the body, and when deprived of it, the body reacts in different ways. Be sure to drink at least six glasses of water a day. It aids the flushing away of toxins and helps maintain the osmotic balance of the body.


Try to fit in relaxation meditation into your busy morning schedule. You can do it while having a shower, or while setting up the breakfast table. Visualize every single muscle of your body in a relaxed state, working your way in any particular sequence. Doing this type of meditation every day makes you feel more relaxed and composed, ready to take on the day with full vigor.

Eat early

Dinner should ideally be the smallest meal of the day, and had at least an hour before bed. Eating just before going to bed induces fat burning that takes place when you’re asleep, which makes you more groggy and lazy the next day.

Early morning3

Tips for an energetic morning

Hit the snooze button

If you are nocturnal, and can’t miss work, it’s time you made some adjustments. Getting seven to eight hours of beauty sleep is essential, and depriving the body of this rest is actually the sole reason behind fatigue and grogginess in the morning. A sleep deprived body has low immunity and is more susceptible to various illnesses and disorders, including physiological and psychological.

Load up the greenies

They don’t just make up for adding color to your cheeks. Green veggies are much more than that. They have excellent iron content and ensure that pure, healthy blood flows through your system.

Top tip

Acupuncturists have another secret weapon that guarantees a super-charged morning. Just before you get up from bed, massage your legs and foot for a minute each. Another two minute miracle is to lightly pinch the ear, following any sequence, making sure you cover the entire ear.

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