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Tips to wear a red lip

Sumel Sarker

Red lips

Tips to wear a red lip

23 August 2015, Nirapad News: There’s a red for every complexion. Let go of your fears and be red haute

Whether it was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan making a grand red carpet entry at the Cannes Film Festival or Deepika Padukone annihilating the opposition at an awards function in Malaysia, the year 2015 has been dedicated to those scintillating red lips, which have a life of their own. But there’s a fine line between the bold and bizarre. And if you err, then your bleeding red lips can turn into the biggest fashion faux pas of the season.But some important tips from the makeup gurus and experts in the industry can turn your tryst with red lipstick into a mystifying experience.

Everyone needs to have a full-blown affair de resistance with the fiery red. Don’t shy away thinking it’s not meant for you.However, make-up ace Namrata Soni says, “There’s a red for everyone out there. But you have to find the right one.If your skin tone is on the dusky side, choose the bright reds or orange tones.Those with a pink complexion can carry wine reds better.”

Tints and tones of red may vary from bleeding red to cherry red, wine red or coral red, but one thing that remains a constant is that all these passionate tones announce your presence to the world loud and clear. So, is it safe to opt for a toned down red? Make-up guru Mickey Contractor solves this dilemma. “Those who paint their lips red are strong women, ready to make a bold statement.And you just can’t go for a tame red or toned down red. The idea is to go all out and be confident about it.”

Bold is definitely beautiful, but to ensure that you don’t look like a painted clown, you have to balance your appearance.This is the mantra that make-up artist Angelina Joseph swears by. “Your make-up has to be muted or preferably nude if you want to make the most of your luscious red lips. Deepika can carry red lipstick with aplomb because she keeps her eyes almost nude. If you prefer a retro look, you can always go for winged liner on the upper lids, but the use of eye shadow is a big no-no,” she adds.

If you are still getting the jitters about wearing a red lipstick, here’s an important piece of advice from Nam rata Soni: “If you like a particular red lipstick in a store and it suits your complexion, just buy it. Dab some lipstick on your inner lips and smear it either with a brush or with your fingers; wear this stained red lipstick for a few weeks. Once you get used to it, go full throttle without any hesitation. Another important point to re member is that luminescence of your skin and those coral blushers give you an ethereal Greek goddess look when you paint your lips red. If you are wearing red lipstick in the morning, ensure that your skin is healthy and hydrated because harsh daylight can be unforgiving and make you look ghastly,” cautions Soni.

According to Bollywood make-up ace Charu Khurana, red lips aren’t the sole domain of any particular age group. Her advice is: “Anyone who has the guts and the gumption to go for red lips, must not fret over any hindrance of age. But, you have to draw a line on how much is too much. Once you master that fine art, red could give you a winning edge. Wear minimal jewellery and make-up with red lips. Deep mascara and clear sparkling eyes can make you look bewitching. If you apply layers of base and sport made-up eyes with red lips, you can end up looking bewitched and haunted.”

So should you buy red? Says Contractor: “Red is as vital as a Little Black Dress in your wardrobe, but how you look in it depends on your attitude and the elan with which you carry this style statement.”

Super bright red with pink undertones can seem harsh for the Indian skin. Golden undertones work well with a medium-toned skin. A simple trick to find the right red for your skin tone is to match the intensities: Darker shades for darker tones and lighter tones for fairer skin. The way your red lipstick looks depends on how you style it. Wear it with a pair of sparkly shoes and statement earrings and it’s fancy enough for a wedding. Red lips look great when paired with a simple hairstyle: hair parted in the middle and blown out smooth or a classic, chic bun at the nape or the side. Red lipstick can also be rebellious. It takes a punky hairstyle with red lipstick to change you from pretty to pretty badass.

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