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UK man finds ‘space diamond’ worth 12,000 pounds while walking his dog

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Allan Bell and his dog Rosie found a 1.14 carat diamond in Lincolnshire

Allan Bell and his dog Rosie found a 1.14 carat diamond in Lincolnshire

London, Nirapad News : A UK man who was out walking his dogs has chanced upon a diamond worth 12,000 pounds which was shot into space more than four months ago but went missing after parachuting down to Earth.

Allan Bell, 75, was out walking his dogs, Rosie and Dylan, along a country path in the village of Brattleby in Lincolnshire, England, when Rosie ‘got scent of something’ and shot under a hedge.

Bell, a retired lorry driver, said Rosie was ‘scrabbling about’ for 10 minutes before dragging a package – attached to a limp orange parachute – out of the hedgerow on December 23.

The diamond, a ‘modified cushion brilliant cut’, was shot around 100,000ft in the air in a helium balloon by online diamond retailer 77 Diamonds on August 7, ‘mirror.Co.Uk’ reported.

The plan was for the balloon to pop at the edge of space, where the sky turns dark, sending the sparkler parachuting down to earth, with the lucky finder allowed to keep the diamond worth 12,000 pounds.

As the gem parachuted back to earth the GPS signal was momentarily lost and the gem ‘vanished’.

Bell said he had seen reports on TV about the missing gem and had ‘kept his eyes out for it’ during his daily dog walks.

Bell and his wife called bosses at 77 Diamonds who congratulated them on the find.

The couple is planning to sell the diamond and go on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.


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