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Update National/Voter ID Card Online

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National ID Card

National ID Card

05 March 2015, Nirapad News: National/ Voter ID is a very important document that not only serves as an  identification card, but is also required for many purposes, starting from opening up a bank account to registering for any utility service and so on. Thus, it is imperative that the ID card does not contain any errors, be it a misspelled name to incorrect address etc. To facilitate the process, the government has now provided the service online. Moreover, there’s also a list of FAQ that will help you with whatever queries that you might have regarding the whole process.

1. How to correct informational errors in the NID card?

Ans: You’ll have to apply at the NID Registration Wing/ Upazila/ Thana/ District office along with necessary documents required for correcting the errors.

2. Will a record of the corrections in the NID be saved?

Ans: All corrections will be archived in the Central Database.

3. If my father/ mother/ husband is listed as deceased by mistake, what documents do I have to submit to correct it?

Ans: A valid document identification of the person has to be provided.

4. I am unmarried, yet my father’s name has been entered as my husband’s name. How do I correct it?

Ans: You have to contact the concerned office with evidence of your marital status.

5. How to add Husband’s name after marriage?

Ans: You have to contact the concerned NID Registration Wing/ Concerned office with your Nikahnama and husband’s NID.

6. How to remove husband’s name from NID after divorce?

Ans: Documentation of divorce (Talaknama) has to be submitted along with NID to the concerned NID office.

7. I have remarried after divorce. How do I add my present husband’s name to NID?

Ans: You have to submit a correction form along with document of divorce and papers of the new marriage.

8. How can I change my occupation from that listed in my NID?

Ans: You have to submit appointment papers from your new occupation to the concerned NID office. however, it is to be noted that occupational information is not printed in the NID.

9. The photo in my NID is unclear. What do I have to do to change it?

Ans: You have to be present in person and apply for a new card at the NID registration office.

10. What documents do I have to submit to correct the spelling of mine/ husband/ father/ mother’s name?

Ans: Attested copies of SSC/ equivalent certificate, Birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship,
occupational information, nikahnama and father/mother/ husband’s NID card.

11. If I am registered by my nickname/ any other name, what documents do I have to submit alongside my application for correction?

Ans: Attested copies of SSC/ equivalent certificate, husband/ wife’s NID card (if married), affidavit signed by a magistrate, a notice in a national newspaper and a certificate regarding your name from your Union/ City corporation.

12. How do I notify that my parent(s) are deceased?

Ans: You have to submit a death certificate.

13. How can I change my address?

Ans: You’ll have to apply via Form 13 of your residential area’s Thana/Upazila Election office if you have
changed your listed location of residence. Otherwise, if the change is due to corrections in spelling, then
you can apply using a regular correction form.

14. I am elderly and poverty stricken and hence very much in need of government assistance. However, I
cannot avail such benefits due to not being of required age. If I increase my age in the NID card, will I
be eligible for said assistance?

Ans: No. Age cannot be changed without proper documentation. Be advised that documents will be verified and investigated before any changes are made.

15. How to correct it if father/mother’s name have been printed incorrectly in NID cards of the member of same family?

Ans: Submit a copy of each ID card along with required documentation in the NID Registration Wing/ Upazila/ District election office.

16. Even though I haven’t passed the exam, I unknowingly entered my educational qualification as SSC
passed. How do I correct this, age and other related information?

Ans: You have to submit a declaration attested by a magistrate that you haven’t passed SSC/ other exams along with your form for correction.

17. Another person’s info has been posted in place of mine in the NID card. How to correct it?

Ans:  You have to submit an application along with necessary documentation at the concerned NID office. Correctional process will start after Biometric verification.

18. How to include/ correct blood group?

Ans: Submit a diagnostic report determining your blood group at the concerned office.

19. How to change age/ date of birth?

Ans: Submit an attested copy of SSC/ equivalent certificate along with application for information correction. If you do not have such certificates, then you’ll have to submit other relevant documentation. You’ll need to be verified by a doctor as well if necessary.

20. How can I change my signature?

Ans: You have to submit proper document along with samples of your new signature.

21. My date of birth hasn’t been printed properly and I do not have any documentation to show for it. How can I get this fixed?

Ans: You’ll have to apply at the concerned Upazila/ District Election Office. Necessary steps will be taken following a thorough investigation.

Thus ends the list of FAQs. Following is a list of the details that you can correct yourself using the online portal.

1. Information change

2. Address change

3. Change in voter area

4. Reprinting NID card

5. Change in photograph

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