Update March 6, 2015

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US Congressmen expressed their deep concern over ongoing violence



Secretary of United State John Kerry

6 March 2015, Nirapad News: Eleven members of US Congress expressed their deep concern over prevailing political situation in Bangladesh and urged Secretary of State John Kerry to “work with the country’s leaders to find a path away from violence and towards a resolution”.

The Congressmen’s concern and call came through a letter wrote to Kerry amid the growing reports of casualties caused by sabotages, mostly firebombing, during nationwide blockade and series of shutdowns across Bangladesh.

They denounced violence as the means of political gain and put stress on settlement of the disagreement through political process peacefully.

Citing that the gains made in Bangladesh could be put at risk due to violence and protracted conflict, the congressmen said “It is completely unacceptable to use violence to achieve political goals in a democratic country like Bangladesh, where disagreements should be addressed through the peaceful political process.”

Mentioning the recent meeting between Bangladesh Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State, the congressmen urged the US State Department to stay engaged to find solution to the existing situation.

They said: “We appreciate your (Kerry’s) involvement in this issue, including your recent meeting with Foreign Minister Ali to convey US support for a process to resolve the current impasse, and urge the State Department to remain engaged in finding a solution to this deeply concerning situation.”

The letter read: “At the same time, it is imperative that political leaders ensure space is maintained for those seeking to play a peaceful role in the future of the country. Without this kind of give and take, government of the people and by the people will be called into question.”

“As friends of Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people, we stand strongly behind US and international efforts that support development and democracy in Bangladesh,” its added.

The Congressmen praised Bangladesh’s performance in addressing poverty and development sector. The letter also read: “The country (Bangladesh) is a friend of the United States and has made important strides in addressing poverty, development and other challenges”

“Many Bangladeshi-Americans have played a critical role in building stronger ties between our two countries and continue to do so today,” added the letter.

The host of Congressmen, who singed the letter, includes Bangladesh Caucus founder and chair Joseph Crowley, Stave Chabot, Eliot L. Engel, Peter T. King, Michael Honda, James P. McGoverm, José E. Serrano, Gnarled E. Connolly, Earl Blumenauer, Grace Meng, and William R. Keating.

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