Update December 12, 2018

Dhaka 2-35 am, 13-August, 2020

Wrong side driving continues despite DMP’s continuous drive

Mirajul Moin Joy

Driving on wrong sides, which is considered as one of the major reasons of nagging traffic snarl and road accidents, becomes a regular phenomenon in the capital, despite filing of 900 cases everyday on an average.

According to the available statistics of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) in the last few days, traffic division of the DMP in their simultaneous drives on the city streets filed on an average over 3,500 cases everyday for traffic rule violation.

While on an average of 900 cases are filed everyday for driving on the wrong sides.

Of the cases, on an average 1,000 are being filed against motorcyclists a day for violating of the traffic rules. While 80 to 90 motorbikes are being seized everyday for the same reason.

DMP Commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Mia requested the city dwellers several time not to violate the traffic rules alongside with conducting regular drive against the menace.

Referring to traffic mismanagement on the roads and highways, he said “It will take time to bring complete discipline in the traffic management as the current situation has not been created in a day rather it is the culmination of the long time mismanagement.”

Experts say the unruly motorcyclists cause accidents, violate traffic regulations and even create nuisance to pedestrians by driving motorcycles on footpaths and wrong-way due to lack of proper enforcement of traffic rules and in absence of strong monitoring.

Many of the owners even do not register their motorcycles with Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) and often use their motorbikes in committing crimes, they said.

The frequent seizure of these vehicles has caused another problem as the yards of police stations are being occupied with motorcycles, he said.

On an average of the total cases, as many as 40 cases are being filed for using hydraulic horn, seven for using hotter and beckon light and nine others for using tinted glass per day.

It also on an average dumps over 50 vehicles and wrecks over 600 others for traffic rule violations.

Likewise the previous days, traffic division of the DMP in their simultaneous drives on the city streets today (Wednesday) filed 4,752 cases against different modes of vehicles for traffic rule violation.

It also realized around Taka 28.75 lakh as fine for traffic rule violation, said an official release.

Of the total cases, 890 cases were lodged for driving on wrong sides, 83 for using hydraulic horn, 12 for using hotter and beckon light and 21 others for using tinted glass.

Police filed 1931 cases against motorcycles and seized 89 others for violation of the traffic rules.

Traffic police has dumped 31 vehicles and wrecked 726 others.

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