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Monday, March 20, 2023

18 directives to prevent spread of coronavirus

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The government has issued 18 directives to prevent the rise of coronavirus cases in the country.

A gazette notification was issued on Monday which was signed by the Principal Secretary to the PM Ahmad Kaikaus.

The directives will remain in force for next two weeks.

The directives are:

● All types of public gatherings (social/political/religious/other) should be limited. All public gatherings are prohibited in the highly COVID infected areas. Public gatherings on any kind of social event including marriage/birthday should be discouraged.

●Ensure strict heath guidelines in all religious places including mosques

●Public gatherings should be restricted in tourism/entertainment centres like cinema halls/theatres. All kinds of fairs should be discouraged

●Public transport will not be permitted to carry passengers more than 50 per cent of its capacity and must follow the health guidelines.

●Plying of inter-district vehicles at the high risk areas should be restricted, should be closed if necessary

●Passengers coming from abroad must ensure institutional quarantine for 14 days(at hotel with his/her own cost)

● It is necessary to make arrangements for selling daily necessities in an open/unoccupied area in compliance with hygiene rules; Pharmacies must ensure proper hygiene;

● Ensure proper hygiene including wearing of masks in healthcare institutions;

● Both the buyers and the sellers, in the shopping malls must ensure proper hygiene

● All educational institutions (pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary educational institutions, universities) and coaching centres will remain closed.

● Unnecessary wandering and gathering must be stopped. Going out of home after 10pm without any emergency will be controlled;

● If one has to go out they will have to maintain all kinds of hygiene rules including wearing a mask. Legal action will be taken if the mask is not worn or hygiene rules are violated;

● Isolation of a person with Covid-19 symptoms should be ensured. Others who come into close contact with a person infected with Covid-19 must also ensure quarantine;

● All government-private offices except organisations engaged in emergency services, establishments and factories should be managed by 50% manpower. Pregnant / Sick / Officers/Employees aged above 55 should stay at home and take measures to work from home.

● Meetings, seminars, trainings, and workshops should be arranged online as much as possible;

● Proper hygiene must be ensured in any type of public examination that has to be attended in person; Hotels and restaurants must be barred anyone from entering if capacity reaches more than 50%.

●Hotels and restaurants must be barred anyone from entering if capacity reaches more than 50 percent.

● It is mandatory to wear a mask and ensure compliance with other hygiene rules at the workplace.

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