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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Passengers flood bus terminals after lockdown announcement

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Crowds of people have been seen flooding the capital’s bus terminals since the announcement of the lockdown. Ticket counters are struggling to cope with the crowds of passengers. There are no signs of bothering the health guidelines anywhere.

Home-bound passengers alleged that extra fare is being collected from them centering the rush to home.

Counter officials say passenger crowds have been growing at every bus counter in the city since the one-week lockdown was announced at noon on Saturday. Overflowing crowds were seen at some of the counters. The counter staffs are not able to accommodate the crowd at Gabtali counter.

Naimul Islam of Purbasha Paribahan counter said, “There is huge crowd at every counter in Gabtali. We are struggling to handle people. All tickets are sold out.”

The same situation was seen at Saidabad terminal.

Iqbal Uddin of Hanif Paribahan said, “No advance tickets are sold at our counter. Even then, the pressure of passengers is much higher now than it was the other day. All the seats were sold out before the bus arrived here.”

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