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Friday, September 22, 2023

Coronavirus is mainly spreading from kitchen markets, public transports: IEDCR

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Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) has said the coronavirus infection is mainly spreading from two places in Bangladesh. One of it is kitchen market and the other is public transport.

“Majority of those who have been infected with coronavirus have contracted the deadly virus either from markets, or from public transports,” it said in a report published on Saturday.

Analysing the data of some 8,500 Covid-19 positive patients between March 5 and April 5, the IEDCR said 61 per cent of the infected people have the history of visiting markets and using public transports.

Besides, 30 per cent of the infected persons attended meetings, seminars or visited the places of worship.

Examining the data of those 8,500 patients, the report says that 26 per cent of them went to health services centres, 22 per cent came in contact with coronavirus infected patients, and 12 per cent attended the social functions.

IEDCR said there is alternative to wearing masks to prevent coronavirus infection. Besides, everyone will have to get vaccinated.

Health guidelines or protocols must be enforced in public transports. Kitchen markets will have to be brought at open spaces.

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