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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Virus spreading fast due to new variants, 1,200 beds vacant: DGHS

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Bangladesh has been witnessing the second wave of coronavirus infection and the virus is spreading fast due to new variant that causes the rise in number of both fatalities and infection.

Dr Md Robed Amin, spokesperson of the DGHS said this in a daily bulletin on Wednesday.

Urging media not to create confusion over vacant beds in government hospitals, he said, “Different media published that there is no empty beds in government hospitals, it is not true. Some 1,200 more beds are still vacant. You can easily know about the number of vacant beds and ICU.”

He informed some 243 ICU beds, out of 1,005, remained vacant for Covid treatment.

He also urged the law enforcing agencies to make the movement of health workers obstacle free.

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