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Monday, January 30, 2023

Those who left Dhaka urged to return after 14 days

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Those who have left the Dhaka city to celebrate holy Eid-ul-Fitr have been requested to return to the capital after 14 days.

The Directorate of General of Health Services (DGHS) spokesman Dr Nazmul Islam made the request through a virtual press briefing on Sunday (May 16).

He said the government had advised “us not to leave our respective places for village homes during this year’s Eid festival.” “But what we have seen that a large number of people were going back to their homes ignoring the advice. We have also witnessed some tragic scenes. Those who have gone to their village homes, their offices have not opened yet. There will be no loss if the students return to their classes in schools and colleges making further delay. They should return to Dhaka after making a delay of 7 to 14 days.”

Nazmul Islam said those who have already developed coronavirus symptoms, they must contact with the nearby health complexes or the district sadar hospitals for their RT-PCR tests. They will also have to follow the cent per cent health guidelines when they will be returning. “We have seen some of those returned from India have fled violating the laws. They should not do this at all. They should not risk the lives of others. We should not be the causes of harming others.”

Replying to a question, he said, “We have kept those who have returned from India in institutional quarantine. We have been examining those who have developed symptoms. We have conducted genome sequence of those who have been tested positive and succeeded to detect the Indian variant.”

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