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Monday, January 30, 2023

Govt to impose ban on battery-run rickshaws, vans: Home Minister

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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said that it has been decided to impose a ban on battery-powered rickshaws and vans.

He made the comment after a meeting of the road transport task force held at Home Ministry’s conference room on Sunday. The inter-ministerial meeting was chaired by the Home Minister.

Home Minister said, “We have noticed that rickshaws and vans are being driven on the roads with battery-powered motors across the country. The brake system of those vehicles is also weak and inadequate. When they suddenly brake, they overturn with the passenger. This is the scene we saw.”

He further said, “Rickshaws and vans are also coming on the highways. It has been decided to close the plying of these vehicles. The order in this regard will be sent across the country from the concerned ministry. Plying of Nasimon-Karimon and Easybikes will not be allowed on the main roads and there are plans to impose a ban in this regard at the end. We are not talking about paddle-run rickshaws and vans.”

Kamal said, “There will be one focal point in each of the four ministries. They will come up with a way to implement the decisions and inform our next meeting.”

“The government or the authority has to collect the toll or revenue from the designated terminal. No tolls can be collected by parking vehicles anywhere. Transport workers will have to give appointment letters,” he said.

The minister said, “We have made some decisions. Some decisions have already been implemented. We have set a course of action for how to implement the rest. I will discuss them in the next meeting.”

He said, “Those who are transport workers they have to appointment letters from the employer. Representatives from both sides were present in today’s meeting. He said that they will implement this issue very soon.”

“We see three or four people ride on motorcycles. This is why they are often the victims of accidents or become the cause of it. Police have been instructed not to allow more than two people, including the driver, to get on the motorcycle,” he added.

Kamal said, “The causes of accidents across the country have also been discussed in detail in the meeting. BUET experts were also present at today’s meeting. They will survey and give us a detailed report. Unregistered motorcycles will also be monitored. It will be ensure that no vehicle can run on the road without registration.”

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