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Thursday, August 18, 2022

National Advisory Committee recommends 14-day shutdown across the country

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The National Advisory Committee on Covid-19 has recommended a 14-day shutdown across the country as coronavirus infections and deaths continue to rise alarmingly.

Professor Muhammad Sahidullah, chairman of the Covid Technical Advisory Committee, made the recommendation in a press release on Thursday.

Bangladesh on Thursday reported 6,058 COVID-19 cases while the coronavirus claimed overnight 81 lives.

“Delta variant of Covid-19 rage has been identified as a social infection and the spread of this disease has already increased in the country. The transmission capacity of this species is relatively high,” said the press release.

“According to the data analysis of the DGHS, high infection is found all over the country and very high infection is observed in 50 more districts. The usefulness of a piecemeal approach to check the infection has been questioned,” it added.

The press release said according to the experience of other countries, especially neighbouring India, spread of the Covid-19 infection could not be stopped without strict measures.

“Top Indian experts have also been consulted. According to their (experts) view, the infection has been brought under control in places where full shutdown has been implemented. In the current situation, the committee is unanimously recommending a complete shutdown of at least 14 days across the country to prevent loss of life as the spread of the disease goes beyond control. Except for emergency services, everything including vehicles, offices and courts need to be closed. If we do not follow this system strictly, no matter how well prepared we are, the health system will become inadequate.”

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