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Monday, June 5, 2023

104 Covid deaths, 8,364 new cases

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Bangladesh has reported the highest ever 8,364 Coronavirus cases while the virus claimed overnight 104 lives.

On Monday, 8,364 people were diagnosed with the disease, in 35,059 sample tests, in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s cumulative caseload since the beginning of the pandemic to 896,770.

On April 7, the country recorded 7,626 Covid-19 cases.

The daily health update of the Directorate General of Health Services came up with the statistics.

“A total of 104 Coronavirus patients died in the last 24 hours increasing the death toll from the virus to 14,276. The total cases of infection have surged to 896,770 as 8,364 new cases were confirmed during the period,” said DGHS.

Bangladesh’s positivity rate reached its peak at 23.86%, which was recorded at 23.57% on April 8. The fatality rate stood at 1.59%, according to the Directorate General of Health Services.

The country reported 119 Covid deaths, the country’s highest single-day fatalities after reporting its first death on March 18 last year, on Sunday.

According to month-wise statistics last year, 51 COVID-19 positive cases were detected in March 2020, 7616 in April, 39,486 in May, 98,330 in June, 92,178 in July, 75,335 in August, 50,483 in September, 44, 205 in October, 57,248 in November and 48,578 in December.

The beginning of the current year witnessed a drastic fall of coronavirus cases in the country but the trend lasted for only two months — 21,629 cases were detected in January and 11,077 in February.

After the drastic fall of COVID-19 confirmed cases, the country witnessed sharp increase of infection as 65,079 cases were reported in March, 2021 and 1,47,837 cases in April.

According to month-wise statistics last year, five COVID-19 deaths were reported in March, 2020, 163 in April, 482 in May, 1,197 in June, 1,264 in July, 1,179 in August, 970 in September, 672 in October, 721 in November and 915 in December.

Month-wise data of the current year, 568 coronavirus fatalities were recorded in January, 2021, 281 in February, 638 in March and 2,404 in April, the DGHS sources said.

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