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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Home goers’ crowd at bus stands

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Long-haul public transport has started from yesterday (Thursday) after a two-week lockdown due to coronavirus infection.

The pressure of home goers has increased a bit. Many people are leaving the capital to share the joy of Eid with their families even at the risk of infection. Again, many people are crowding at the bus counters for tickets for the two days before Eid.

While visiting Gabtoli Bus Terminal on Friday morning it was found that paassengers who have already collected tickets are waiting for the bus in front of the counters. Most of them have masks on their faces. Again, many passengers are crowding at the counters in anticipation of tickets two days before Eid. The counter concerned thinks that this pressure will increase by the afternoon.

A young man named Tamjid came to the Gabtoli Bus Terminal to buy tickets in advance. He was trying to get the advance ticket to go home to the village on July 19. Excited to get the ticket, Tamjid said, “I will try to leave before the lockdown after celebrating Eid with my family”

Asaduzzaman Ershad, owner of AS Enterprise Transport, said, “There is some pressure today as it is Friday. However, passengers have to wait because the car is late.”

“Due to the traffic jam at the wharf, the vehicles that were supposed to return last night will arrive at noon,” he added.

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