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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lowest number of cattle sacrificed this Eid since 2016

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The lowest number of animals have been sacrificed this year since 2016.

This year 90,93,242 cattle were sacrificed across the country in observance of Eid-ul-Azha. Of these, 40,53,679 were cows, bulls and buffaloes, 50,38,848 were goats and sheep, and 715 were other types of sacrificial animals.

Analysts said many people could not afford to buy sacrificial animals this year due to acute financial crisis under the impact of coronavirus. On the other hand, those who used to sacrifice a single animal alone, they sacrificed in share this year. Because of these, the demand of catte was very low. Traders who sold their cattle at the beginning, they did not incur losses. But, those who kept their cattle with the hope of selling at higher prices, they had to count huge losses. Usually, there are high demands for medium-and large-size of cattle at the makeshift cattle markets in the capital ahead of Eid. Though the demand of medium-size cattle was very high this year, large-size cattle were merely sold this year.

Following the Indian government’s decision in 2014, import of cattle through the official channels was almost stopped. In such a situation, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, and Department of Livestock took additional measures to deal with the crises. Owing to several short-and long-term measures, the number of sacrificial animals crossed one crore for the first time in 2016. In that year, 1,05,00,000 animals were sacrificed. In 2017, some 1,04,00,000 bulls, goats. buffaloes and sheep, along with some 1,000 other animals including camels were sacrificed. In 2018, 1,05,00,000 were sacrificed, while in 2019, some 1,06,00,000 animals were sacrificed.

However, the number of sacrifice had gone down during coronavirus in 2020. Some 94,50,000 animals were sacrificed in that year. In the current year, the number of sacrificing animals was 1,19,17,000.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in a press release on Saturday said a total of 90,93,242 bulls, cows, buffaloes and goats have been sacrificed this year. As a result, 28,23,758 sacrificial animals have remained unsold.

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