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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Age limit lowered to 25 for Covid-19 vaccination

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The government has lowered the minimum age limit for Covid-19 vaccination to 25 years.

From now on, people aged 25-year and above can take coronavirus vaccine

Surokkha, the government platform for Covid vaccine registration, is now open to 25-year-olds and above.

On February 7, nationwide Covid-19 vaccination drive began in the country.

At that time, the age limit for vaccine registration was 55. But, the next day, the government lowered minimum age limit to 40 for registration.

The government further lowered the age to 35 and later on July it was dropped to 30.

According to the DGHS, till July 28, some 1.36 crore people got registered for Covid vaccine.

A total of 82,70,422 people have received first dose of vaccine while 43,22,327 got second jab till Wednesday.

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