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Monday, December 4, 2023

Garment workers coming to Dhaka boarding on open trucks

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Following the announcement by the government to reopen export-oriented industries and factories from Sunday (August 1) amid an alarming rise in Covid-19 infections, garment workers are in a rush to return to Dhaka city in masses.

As a result, pressure of different types of motor vehicles including trucks has mounted on Dhaka-Tangail Bangabandhu Bridge highway.

Despite the suspension of mass transports, the workers are returning to their working places in the capital boarding on open trucks, rickshaws, autorickshaws, motorcycles and CNGs. The passengers are facing extreme difficulties and untold sufferings in reaching their destinations. Besides, none is paying any heed to the government’s advice to maintain health guidelines.

Experts fear the arrival of so many people in the capital could spell disaster as it woud help spreading Covid-19 across the country.

Many workers said they feared the strict lockdown might be extended further, which was why they were leaving their village homes for the capital in large numbers.

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